I just finished reading The Good House by Ann Leary. This book tricked me–several times.

On at least three separate occasions –I almost bought it, but after reading a few pages–changed my mind.

Once I finally gave in and brought it home, it continued to confuse. I thought, “I can’t stand this woman! … No wait–I think I see where she’s coming from. …No–wrong! She’s completely wrong. I have no respect for her. … Oh, wait! Actually this aspect of her makes a lot of sense. I LIKE that. I like her: she’s a mess –but I’d be her friend. …Oh, no. Wait. … Oh good grief, what is she thinking!”

On and on it went. Until I was so charmed and horrified by the story that finally I was just right there with Hildy–no matter what.

You may want to read this one. It worked for me.


Sherryl (May ‘15) adds, “I turned fifty this year, and it is getting easier to drop my judgments and listen more.  Not automatic mind you–just easier.  Listening to Hildy was worthwhile on several level–because this novel offers a realistic but hopeful take on addiction, obsession, friendship, and love later in life.  And, it made me rethink my own rigidity. Definitely worth the read.”

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