Previously: As she stepped off the curb is rush-hour traffic, a strong arm pulls Sandy back from the path of an on-coming bus.

Angels are real. My guardian angel has had to be very busy to keep me alive throughout a lifetime of adventures and mishaps.

I believe that the person who saved me that day in Sydney, Australia was not a person at all, but my guardian, who assumed the identity of a suit-wearing person to remain anonymous in the crowd. I do remember the enormous strength I felt when I was jerked upward and sideways. I remember how a-stounded I was by the closeness of the bus and the imminence of danger.

I have a new appreciation of all my helpers. There is no telling how often my Angels have had to step in to save my sorry ass. How could I have lived this long without their love and protection? I would not have made it into my 20s. Back then, I was very careless with my life.

Caution and appreciation have only come with hindsight and introspection and a daily sense of gratitude.

Sandy (July ‘15)   tells of her daily journey with angels, “These days, I listen. I get reminders, lots of backseat driving and cautionary instructions. I’m becoming more teachable and more obedient. If the angels say, ‘Don’t go!,’ I argue, I argue, but I don’t go.”

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