I am reading two books, which is unusual for me. One is on my computer and is convenient for me when I go somewhere.  That book is The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve.  It moves from the present when a woman is studying the murder of two women in 1873.  It is set off the shore of New Hampshire.  The murdered women were Norwegian immigrants.  It is very interesting.

The other book is The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics

and Religion by Jonathon Haidt.  He is a social psychologist and the book includes some of his research plus others.

Written in 2012, Haidt focuses on morals and the foundations of morals and looks at how liberals and conservatives differ in what is important to them. 

From the review I read, I am not sure I agree with him, but I am still learning a lot.

      Jane (Aug. ‘13) says, “I’m never sure why I am so busy.  I guess it’s because everything takes longer to do!  I did have two surgeries—one on each eye for cataracts.  Since then I’ve been reading like crazy.  I had bronchitis and did nothing for eleven days except read –which was wonderful.” 

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