“field of grass and flowers.”

“field of grass and flowers.”

Georgene (July ‘15) sent in her drawing.   She says, “I was pleasantly surprised to read Kokology 2’s authors’ description of choice number one,  seeing a “field of grass and flowers.”  Nagao and Saito say that view makes me, “…an eternal optimist.  You can probably smell the flowers from eight thousand feet and were pleased to note that the grass was growing especially thick to cushion your fall. At this altitude, life is beautiful; just don’t get so engrossed in the view that you forget to tuck and roll.

I also wondered about that conclusion. Before I changed jobs at the end of 2014, I had become a bit of a pessimist when my work environment was tough.

And, I don’t think it is so bad to dream (through a drawing) of a landing being smooth. After all, that is what I want at the end of every plane ride.”


Editor Frances adds, “I find it interesting that, while others have also included a river on their parachute descent, so far, everyone has seen grass and flowers. Either readers are all optimists of some flavor, or only the optimists are responding!”

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