Editor Frances says, “Once I decided on my criteria, I knew “My three favorite movies…” in a flash.  My choice depended on if I wanted to (and did) see the movie more than once,  it was a “favorite.” (That probably wouldn’t work for people who use Netficks or can buy DVD movies to watch repeatedly.)

In order from older to newer, my three favorites start with “From Russia with Love,” my first James Bond movie. I saw that in the theater twice and another time much later on TV.

At the time, it was a wonderful romantic adventure.

My second fav was the Lucas film, “Star Wars.” I also saw it in the theater twice and then at least two times on TV.  Once again, it is a great heroic adventure and salted with a love interest.

My third choice is a flick of a different theme, “The Sixth Sense.”  While in theaters, mystery surrounded this film. No one told the ending.

I am easily spooked and the story of violence, spirits and see-ers was hard watch.  However, I was eager to see it a second time when fear did of the character’s outcome not hinder watching all of it.

I have seen other movies by Night Shyamalan and, in my opinion, none compare.


Frances Fritzie adds, “I am looking forward to the forth- coming episode of ‘Star Wars, the Force Awakens!’”


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