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Dear Frances,

Thanks for the sweet hot pad story. I wish I had known of this particular chi energy when

I was knitting a host of cotton dishcloths for various family and friends last year.

What a nice prayerful activity. In fact, a person could do that as she knits or sews. But, then again, perhaps it takes concentrated focus to create energy that can be felt by others. Anyway, thanks again for the story.

Best always,


Gail (Aug. ‘14) adds, “Recently, I saw ‘The Garrison Keillor Show.’ Fun.”



Thank you for sharing. I needed some good thoughts tonight as I lost a very dear close first cousin two days ago. I have been helping her two sons with funeral arrangements, handling contacting our many relatives.

She had been dealing with cancer but lost the battle due to a fall. I was with her as much as possible and my daughter and I were there when she died.

I know the heartbreak of a lost loved one. My husband gave up the battle with the disease in 1997 and I had to deal with it myself. Luckily, I have been free of it for many years.

I am thankful for Ninepatch, as I know all of this group have been helped and supported each other 

by sharing experiences of both the good times and the rough ones.



Carolinelee (May ’15) adds, “I’m trying to be strong and give my cousin’s family support so will try to send them some positive energy.”


Dear Frances,

Thank you for the hot pad story. That picture brings back memories. I used to make those woven ones for my mother and grandmother. I even had some of my own when I first got married.

They were fun to make. I doubt young women of today learn the kinds of things I did.

Thanks for the memories.



Dear Fritzasandyfeetfrom


I love the story of energy infused cotton and the woven hot pat. It’s so beautiful and colorful. Did you make it?

My longed-for California life continues. I’ve attached a photo of us at India night on the ashram. It’s a night of Indian (from India) food, dancing and a play. It usually ends with a movie of Yogananda.

However, this year due to actual big thunderstorms and rain, rain, rain this weekend, the program was truncated to food, fellowship and a play.

Love ‘n’ hugs,


Liz is far right, standing.

Liz is far right, standing.


Liz/Moascar (Aug. ‘15) says, “I’m off to Los Angeles this weekend to celebrate my son’s 30th birthday!”


Dear Frances,

After reading about energy in your hot pad, I got to thinking.

Cervical sacral massage also uses personal energy or chi. The masseuse puts one hand under and another hand over each chakra (seven energy centers of the body) giving energy to the spinal fluid flow.

It is a wonderful energy experience and is supposed to be very healing, too.


Palma (Aug. ‘15) See her comment in “Happy Landings,” page 7 and 8.


Christa (July ‘15) “Loved this( potholder story). And what a fun gift idea ?

Louise (June ‘15) “Frances, That was lovely.  I feel a shift in my thinking.  You are a fantastic friend.”

Patience (Mar. ‘15) says, “Frances, when you pray for me I get tingly because it is your love and prayer that come to me.”


Dear Frances,

I will formally retire on my birthday this month. I started early, using up my saved vacation days.

When I was still with my ex-, I didn’t think I would ever retire. He got mad if I even talked about it. So many times in our years together, I worked and he stayed home and did what he wanted. I thought the situation would change when someday I dropped dead at work. But, the Lord had other ideas and took me in a different direction. My helpful brother said, “Retire while you can still enjoy it.”

I had a lot of time off because I sprained my ankle last month. I had to stay off it nearly a week. Staying home gave me a little taste of what retirement will be like.

After I got better, my brother took me to The Truck Show –a family tradition. Had a lot of fun. We camped and had fun. When we were not at the show, we walked woods trails and along the lake.

God bless.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Aug. 15) adds, “God is in control.”


Dear Fritzie,

Sorry about not writing for so long. Just a lot going on and busy days.

I really concentrated on music during the spring. Our choir sang twice for the music festival in Geneva and there were a lot of practices and time spent singing, singing, singing! I loved it!

And before that we had our annual concert at Victoria Hall, the main concert hall in Geneva. It was nearly a full house–a thrilling experience.

Then I had a visit from my friend Kristine, who used to live in Geneva and is now back in Canada.

The two of us went up to the mountain chalet for five days. I had to return early because of music rehearsals, as it was right before the Fete de Musique.

Lots of music!



Betsy (Mar. ‘15) adds, “It was just a super spring!”

View from Betsy’s mountain chalet.

View from Betsy’s mountain chalet.


Dear Frances:

I was thinking of you yesterday. Now, your e-mail sounds very well and content!

I am good. Work has fallen off a bit, but we’re still much better off than we were just a few years ago. Work consumes me quite a bit, but it’s a far cry from where I used to be in my thought patterns.

I like being my own boss and calling the shots. It requires skills, thought, responsibility, and ambition. I enjoy reaching out and digging into myself for the challenge.

Business can be an art as much as painting, writing, music. It’s a matter of what one brings to it and what one wants out of it.

Recently Bill and I traveled to Taliesin, to see the Wisconsin home of Frank Lloyd Wright, “Taliesin.” The building and gardens were fabulous to see and brimming with fascinating history.

After the tour, I asked Bill to drive to the graveyard where Wright was originally buried, before his remains were moved to Arizona by the wish of his third wife. Unity Church is also at the graveyard. The church was a project that Wright conceived when he was only nineteen years old. Amazing.

The trip felt relaxing and refreshing.

Best regards,


Linda Rosenthal (July ‘15) adds, “My new general practice woman doctor is 5-star material. I’m quite satisfied with her. I feel lucky and graced.”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Taliesin”

Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Taliesin”


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