A recent Monthly Question, It helps me to look on the bright side when….” just jumped out at me.

I am now on the bright side! When I think about where I was and where I am now, I have come a long way!

Five years ago, I was still with my husband and my life was work, eat and sleep. I spent my day off taking care of my dad, making sure he ate and took his pills. I cleaned house, did dishes and paid bills. I tidied the yard.

During those years, my younger daughter and her husband lost their house and came with their two children to live in our basement. After a couple of years, the kids moved out.

Without their money, we were foreclosed. That was a perfect time to split with my husband. He went one way and I another. I have not seen him since.

My brothers helped me. Our dad went to live with one of them. Now I am alone, have a new place to live and whole new way of life. I cherish my time with family.

Freedom is a light at the end of a long tunnel –the bright side.

LindaSue (See also her letter in AROUND THE FRAME.) adds, “It was a simple question, but it got me going!”

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