Once I could read easily after my cataract surgery, I went to town. Here is a partial list of books read.

The Web by Jonathan Kellerman. The detective, Alex Delaware, goes to a Pacific island to help a doctor, and, of course, there is a murder and a mystery. It’s not the best of Kellerman’s that I’ve read, but it held my attention.

Lovesick by Angeles Mastretta is set in Mexico and is about a woman who is torn between the love of two men and her desire to become a doctor. Not such a great book, but the struggles of women in that culture were very interesting, and I enjoyed reading it.

Judge and Jury is by James Patterson and Andrew Gross. This tale features a Mafia trial. It was too violent for me, although the mystery compelled me to finish it.

On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City by Alice Goffman This volume is interesting and informative. It’s about the criminalization (the process by which behaviors and individuals are transformed into crime and criminals) in our country. Goffman wrote the story as an ethnography study for her disser-tation. Some controversy surrounds her work.

Natchz Burning: A Novel is a tome by Greg Iles and the first of a trilogy featuring Penn Cage. Cage is an attorney and writer whose father, a retired doctor, is accused of murder.

The story focuses on what happened during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s. It’s an excellent story, and I highly recommend it.

Happy reading!

Jane (Aug. ‘15) adds, “The cataract surgery has really changed my life!  It is wonderful to be able to read more.  It has also improved my balance, and I feel much more secure with my driving.  I strongly recommend it to anyone who needs it.

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