This historical novel by Anita Diamant is an emotionally moving story of a Jewish grandmother, born in the early 1900’s, surviving life in Boston in the early Twentieth Century during the women’s movement. It is told with compassion and humor.

Addie Baum, now eighty-five years old, is asked by her twenty-two-year-old granddaughter, Ave, how she became the woman she is today. Addie begins telling her about growing up with unhappy Russian par-ents, and life with her sisters. Addie had a poor and rough childhood after her family came to America.

Diamant’s special gift is her creating the world of her characters from history. Addie tells her story in simple language that lures the reader into the era of the story.

Addie is a memorable character, specifie to her time, who shows that the soul has truths to share across the years.

June Poucher (Aug.’15) adds: “I enjoyed this book, especially the love and sharing between Addie and her granddaughter.”

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