Reader Palma (Aug. ‘15) writes about her experience with the self-discovery game for 2015. She says, “I’ve had this ‘Happy Landings’ sheet here on my desk since it arrived.

I’m not that good at drawing so I skipped that part. I’ll just say that I immediately saw myself landing in a nice green open field which, of course, had wild flowers. A road ran nearby so I could be picked up easily. I also saw the possibility of a river, too. I hoped the river might be near also. But, the most important thing to me was the open field for a smooth landing.

Saito and Nagao, authors of Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self Discovery are right about me when they say I could get so engrossed that I might forget to tuck and roll!”

Authors also had written this about choosing a field-and- flower-landing: “You are the eternal optimist. You can probably smell the flowers from eight thousand feet and were pleased to note that the grass was growing especially thick to cushion your fall. At this altitude, life is beautiful…”

Palma agrees with their general characterization of her. She adds, “Yes, I am an optimist and things usually turn out pretty good for me that way, but I am also pretty good at ‘flowing with things’ as the river indicates. I call myself a Pollyanna ‘cause I always seem to see so much positive stuff and although that might be naive I’ve always had this idea that anything is possible.”

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