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horse and buggy

Linda’s photo.

Hi, Frances:

Your mid-month reflection about your hubby asking, “Do I look Amish?” made me laugh.

I had to send this photo that I took of a local Amish carriage, tied up in a grocery store parking lot.  The juxtaposition of the AT&T truck driver with his hand to his ear, talking on his cell phone just screams for a funny caption of some kind.

Take care,

Linda Rosenthal (See her INSTRUCTIONS contribution.) adds, “That caption might be…????”


small crumpled billHi,

I enjoyed the September Ninepatch. So happy to see Linda Sue enjoying life now.

I always enjoy Georgene’s little words of wisdom. Thank you, Georgene.

I hope your move to Goshen isn’t projecting your mom’s wish. So far, it sounds really good so whatever the reason it seems to be working out.

Tomorrow is my hip replacement surgery. I’ve had an up and down week. Very scary and lots of preparations.”



Palma (Sept. ‘15) adds, “Thanks for your interesting Mid-month Reflection observations. When I find a penny, it reminds me that I am loved and taken care of by God. The penny says. ‘In God we trust’. So for me, it’s a sign of God.”


Other comments about “The Bill”

Chantal (a new contributor) introduces herself. “I am single. I have two adult sons and four grandchildren ranging in age from fifth grade to college. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, reading and escaping winter in the North. She adds, “I love words.” She joins us with a comment about “The Bill.” “You know what … I totally get what you were saying about paying attention to your life.  I’m guessing some people don’t get it, but I do and I think it’s likely that type of reflection really doesn’t happen all that often.

That sounds kind of strange in our society with so much focus on me, me, me, and selfies. It’s kind of a dichotomy.” 


Simon Stargazer III (see page 6-7) says, “Yes, Frances, you are blessed. Attention grabbing focus sharpeners are sure to precede significant events. Interesting, the emphasis on Bill or bill, though.”


Hello Frances,

I enjoyed reading your Sept. ‘15 Ninepatch article concerning the loss of your mother and the photo. Well written.

It’s my only free day this week. I’ve been babysitting my four-year-old grandson, Blake. (That means getting up an hour and a half earlier every morning.)

I had a funny incident with him. Blake was all grown up when he said as he was going in the bathroom, “I have to have privacy.”

After awhile, he called me into the bathroom. Leaning over, with his butt in the air he said, “This is how Mommy does it.” (See next page.)

Of course, he wanted me to clean his butt. Just a little boy after all!

I had to laugh.


Dottie (June ‘15) adds, “I’m enjoying opening the windows, hearing nature sounds and listening to the birds sing.”


Dear Francesca,

You said you hear a lot of trains at your new condo. Goshen, Indiana has many trains.

I remember when I was little and still taking naps. I’d hear the train whistle/horn and pull the blanket over my head. The train whistle was comfortably familiar but at the same time eerie. I felt safe and cozy under the blanket. It was a great feeling.

The memory has always stayed with me. A part of me would like to be that child again.

Take care.


Elaine (Aug. ‘15) adds, “When the Midmonth Reflection came, it reminded me that I wanted to send you my best thoughts concerning the loss of your friend and Ninepatch circle member, Barbarajean. These things are just hard.”


Dear St. Frances,

Autumn has rolled out her multicolored leaf blanket across the mountains and leaves collect on our yards. Temperatures are in a downward crawl. I hope it

doesn’t plunge too quickly.

Take care, keep safe, and t’will catch you next time.


Malaina (July ‘15) adds, “My favorite times of the year are both spring and autumn: spring for the renewal of spirit and sloughing off the winter, and autumn for the melancholy feel and memories. Autumn is both sad and refreshing. “


Dear Frances,

In your last letter, you mentioned patterns in our lives. Sometimes I think not many of my preferences changed even though my outside life changed when I stopped working.

I still like reading and writing letters. I like to eat certain food for breakfast, too.

What one is used to is a comfort. At the nursing home where I worked they told us to think about that when working with residents.

One good thing about all the moving I’ve done lately is I got organized. I got rid of things I didn’t need or use anymore. Now, that I am retired, I am doing that again!

This time I looked at things I kept and considering what my children might find after I am gone. Thinking of that, I threw away all the journals I kept when my ex-husband and I were fighting all the time.

I don’t miss them.

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Sept. ‘15) adds, “I like to keep myself busy and find projects to do every day.”


Hi Frances,

I had been putting old pictures into photo albums, and I need to finish that project. It has been very interesting to do, and I spent a lot of time thinking about the past.

The whole process has brought back many memories and feelings. Even when there were some times that had some bad feelings, there were also some positive feelings there, too. I saw some pictures of my son where he looked so mad and remembered how angry he was during his teen-aged years. Yet, I remembered how much I loved him even then, how much I love him now, and how happy I am that he has been able to move beyond that anger. And today, I know that he loves me.

Seeing the pictures of my parents brought back some of the happy memories with them, and I think that–somehow–those memories made me think about going back to church.

So in January, I began attending church again with the expectation that it will add to my spiritual growth. (I don’t know if I will join or not, but I still attend and enjoy it.)

There are a lot of happy memories from the past, more than I thought there were!


Jane (Sept. 15) adds, “I’m hoping that the albums will enable me to keep the memories of the times when I was able to be more active. (Boy, that sounds depressing doesn’t it?) I have worked on not being depressed by my growing arthritic disability. I think of my joy about where I live: I can sit in my living room and look out at mountains. And, I appreciate my relationship with my husband. So I have much to be grateful for.”


Dear francalatesummer,

That skunk is still coming around every night so I check-ed online for skunk deterrents.

I read that they don’t like strong smells and recommend-ed putting out ammonia soaked cotton balls and citrus. I did that, but it does not seem to faze the beast.

I don’t mind it coming around, but I don’t like it digging in my yard and I certainly don’t want my area to be sprayed!

I also can’t see humanely trapping and releasing it. If I trap it, then what? Take it in my car to parts unknown to release it? I can imagine how that would turn out! ?

Ta-ta for now!



blurry image of a skunk

The striped visitor

Liz/Moascar (Aug. ‘15) adds, “Every time I stand up to take a photo of my wild friend, the skunk makes a dash for it. Thus the photo is blurry and the skunk, headless.” 



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