Earlier this summer, I received a call from my sister. She asked, “Do you take The Columbus Dispatch?

I do not.”

She went on. “There’s a picture of your son, Bryan in it today.”

I wasted no time. I called neighbors who I knew took the Dispatch and asked if they would save that day’s paper for me. I told them why.

One neighbor brought her copy right over.

Sure enough, there was a picture of my son sitting on the steps of the Columbus State House and an artist at the bottom of the steps, painting his picture.

The photo was in response to the annual “Painting Outside” event.

My son has been homeless for two-and-a-half years. I have not seen him in that time. I didn’t know if he was still in Columbus or had left the area.

I am a firm believer in prayer. I had been praying for some time, asking God to show me where Bryan was.

What are the odds of Bryan being the homeless person the artist painted?

Prayer. That is the only answer.

I emailed the artist and told her who I was and a bit of Bryan’s history.

I asked, “Did you talk to him more than getting his permission to take a picture and to paint it?”

She answered, “Your son seemed happy, in good health and looked clean.” She added, “He probably didn’t sleep on the grounds. He didn’t have a back pack or any personal belongings with him.”

The artist paused and I waited for more of her story.

She continued. “Possibly, he does have a place to stay and is hopefully working with an agency. I hope so.”

Moved by these details, I said, “Thanks you for telling me about him.”

The artist added, “In the early part of my career, I taught art in Cleveland. My students were people with mental problems.”

She also said she would send me the painting and added, It’s isn’t very good. Let me doctor it up, first.”

In the meantime, she sent the photo she took of Bryan. He has gotten gray and has a neat little beard. He does look well-kept.

I would still like to talk to him. But, I am more assured than ever that he is being taken care of by God. For that, I am grateful.

Patricia (Aug ‘15) says, “His brother looked at the photo and said, ‘He looks pretty good Mom, not like a homeless person normally looks.’ I still miss him. “

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