Lynan’s landing spot.

Lynan’s landing spot.

Lynan (July ‘14) played the 2015 Self-Discovery Game from Kokology II. Since the game involved imagining jumping out of an airplane, she remarked, “I would never jump out of a plane. I would have to be pushed. And then, if I ever found enough courage to open my eyes, I would be looking for the smoothest, softest, safest spot to land.

Maybe I am both a number two and a number four!”

Kokology II authors, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito have this to say about a person who makes choice two, a craggy, rocky landscape.

You think Murphy* was an optimist: when nothing can go wrong, it will anyway. Well, at least your chute hasn’t gotten tangled. Yet. You should try looking more on the bright side of things. After all, right now you’re on top of the world. The only place to go is … down. * Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Authors also describe a person who chooses number four, a flowing river. “You are neither pessimist not optimist, but take things as they come and deal with problems as they arise. You recognize that no one knows enough about the future to decide whether it will be “good” or “bad,” and besides, you’ve got enough things to concern yourself with right here in the present. Specifically, like whether or not to aim for the riverbank to reduce the risk of drowning or angle toward the deepest part to soften the crunch of impact.”

Lynan tells of a parachute jump her husband once made. “He jumped out of an airplane and crashed through some trees. He lost his shoes on the way down and hurt his feet on landing.

So, before you ever jump out of a plane, be sure your shoes are tied up tight!”

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