Christa (Sept. ‘15) quotes our question, “Something I know I should do, but don’t is” make time for relaxation. She explains.

I have a lot on my plate. I am lucky enough to work from home, which means my two kids –ages three and five –are with me whenever they aren’t in school. That means all of my time is taken up by professional tasks, childcare, and whatever homemaking I can fit in the gaps.

I also dance, but what started as a hobby has grown into something more. Now, instead of simply taking classes, I teach tap and am part of the adult performance company at the local studio.

I take leisure as seriously as everything else. My natural tendency seems to be to turn everything into ‘work.’ My husband once joked, ‘If you didn’t have a job you’d create one!’

I know I should relax, but relaxation is hard. There are so many errands left undone and tasks yet to do calling all the time. Work. Chores. Children literally calling out to me to get my attention: ‘Look at me! Look at me!’

I tell myself that I’ll relax someday when my kids have grown and I don’t need to contribute as much to the family finances. But, I think that’s a lie.

My husband is probably right. Someday when I’m supposed to be relaxing, I’ll find some way to turn relaxation into a vocation!


Our old question, “Something I know I should do but don’t is….” will continue to be open for comment in this column. A new question romps up to join it: “My friends pressure me to…”*

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