we start again (site news)

Okay folks, here’s the scoop…

At the beginning of February I got the new Ninepatch from Frances and went online to post the magazine. While working on it I was getting error after error and having a bugger of a time. ‘Isn’t this suposed to be easy-peasy?!?’ I huffed, as I struggled to get it all up, but in the back of my head I knew it was probably a combination of two things causing trouble… my inexperience and a damaged WordPress instalation. [WordPress is the internet-software-thingy that makes this site all pretty and easy to use.]

Then, as I clicked to load the next page, something terrible happenned. Instead of loading the page, the screen was blank. ‘What the…?!?’ I almost chocked. ‘Back’… ‘Reload’… Nothing.

Sigh. Tears of frustration filled my eyes. Nothing I was doing was doing any good. Frustrated with WordPress, I went over to another application to see if I could fix it there but nothing I was doing was doing any good.

Finally, I had to make an executive decision. Should I try to load a ‘back up’ copy of the site and sift-fix what I could of it – OR – should I take this as a sign and start fresh?

A day or two of struggling and consideration convinced me that starting fresh was the best bet. After all, I’d learned a bit about WordPress since starting this site and starting again would give me the chance to run back through all the old issues and do some much needed/long neglected file management. And so… we start again.

So far, I’ve managed to load all the ‘Editor’s Letters’ and ‘Fabrics’ contributions from the beginning to current, and over the next few days I’ll be adding in all the other columns. As I do so, I will be trying to pollish everything so if you see any errors, please do let me know.

I’ll also be adding in all the pages we are used to seeing like the WebRings and other miscellany, so this is a great oportunity for readers to speak out if there’s anything you think should be changed or added.

I’ve also recently added a blog for both Frances and I. If you’re a Ninepatch contributor and would like to blog on our site, please do take this oportunity to let one of us know so we can set one up for you too.

Otherwise, my apologies for the inconvenience my clumsiness has caused, and I will keep you updated as I go.

As always, with love,


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