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Feb 1, 2009

WOW! I am writing my OWN comment… maybe it will be a sort of echo?

Yesterday I got an overdue e-notice from the public library where I had checked out Helen Luke’s autobiography and dream journals, SUCH STUFF AS DREAMS ARE MADE ON. I can well believe I’ve had the volume a month.

Though the first section, autobiography read smoothly, the journals section has been more dense. I have needed time to digest and to think over some of her comments.

A Jungian anaylst, Luke frequently refers to Jung’s works of talks of his lectures since she studied with him briefly. That’s where she met Jungian author lecturer Robert Johnson who remained a close freind the remainder of her life.
She also talks of her own analyst, Toni, and another analyst/writer, a woman named Von Franz.

A graduate of Oxford, Luke was well-schooled. She quotes authors I met in my university studies. She also casually mentions authors I have never heard of — and their books. At times, I felt like a student who had not thoroughly learned my homework.

Obviously a Shakespearian scholar, Helen Luke frequently refers to works I never studied though I did take a Shakespeare class back in 1963. She also quotes image-maker poets: Blake and TS Eliot who I do recall from college classes.

Luke also talks of thinkers like Laurens vanderPost and Winston Churchill. I have read article by Post and one of Churchills small volumes. Both are extremely thoughtful.

Helen luke died in 1995 and excerpts of her journals continue through 1994. I find her thoughts and dreams of her last days immensely interesting and possibly instructive.

This book was compiled and her journals edited by Luke’s editor, Barbara Mowat.

If you are Jungian thinker, a dream studier or an I Ching user, you will enjoy Helen Luke’s journals. They are thoughtful and well worth time spent pondering over them.

Meanwhile, let me just finish these last ten pages…

Frances, Editor

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