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Here’s another echo to the above!

I opened a new book last night. Well, it’s not a “new” purchased book, but one of four I recently brought home from the library. It’s called, SECOND JOURNEY, The Road Back to Yourself.

This is the third Joan Anderson book I have read. The first, A YEAR BY THE SEA, was a memoir of time she took from her husband and grown family to find herself. After her kids grew up and her last left home, Anderson found herself at odds with her husband and not knowing what to do with herself. This book presents an honest look at a marriage/life crisis and its following transition.

A couple of years later, the author wrote, AN UNFINISHED MARRIAGE. This was another memoir. It chronicled how she and her husband got back together and decided to complete remodel and enlarge the cottage where she had lived during her solitary year. Once again, I was taken with her ability to describe her feels as well as the subtle process of marital readjustment.

The new book’s fly page also lists, A WALK ON THE BEACH, a title I have not seen or read. It may be part of Joan’s story, too.

THE SECOND JOURNEY contains a very interesting and informative section following Joan’s story. It contains three parts detailing writing about women’s life journeys. There are: Understanding the Journey, The Second Journey Itinerary, and Ten Phases of a Woman’s Life. If nothing else, this volume is worth collecting from your library to read thes parts. They provide informative and thoughtful view of a second life or a mid- life journey.

Today my challenge is to retain enough energy so that when I sit down and start reading, I am not overcome with zzz’s!

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    Last night I was turning the pages of “Book Page,” a free magazines of book review I pick up at Books a Million and noticed a quarter-page color add for Betrayals by Carla Neggers. Until the weekend of February 27, I had no idea who “Carol Neggars” was, but on that day I heard her speak in a panel of four women on, “Story, Building its Foundation.” That’s when I learned the youngish woman (younger than me, but has grown children) was author of fifty (50!) novels and had been on the New York Times best seller list several times.
    Why haven’t I heard of her? (?) Maybe I’m not the great reader/book lover I like to think I am.
    “Book Page” was advertising a book just released this month (March ’09) but Carla had discussed writing Cold River (2009), part of a ‘cold” series which includes Cold Pursuit (2008). “I wrote River first during an unusually cold Vermont winter. Others in the ‘cold’ series were also winter books.
    Carla also spoke on informal panels and answered questions about “Women as Authors: Women as Characters,” and “Creating Suspense.” She looks like her picture– maybe better! She her website at: http://www.CarlaNeggers.com
    I gather from the book cover and what she said about suspense and pace, her novels are fast-paced mysteries, sort of like a thriller. “There is one difference between my stories and thrillers,” Carla had noted, “I like a happy ending!”

    “Book Page” is also available in an online at http://www.BookPage.com
    I am commenting on my own blog again! Well, it’s better than not having ANY comments!

    Two girlfriends recommended MY STROKE OF INSIGHT, A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey. It’s by Jill Bolte Taylor. Have you read it?

    It’s not a book one reads because it is entertaining. It’s one the reader has to be motivated to read for content. It was slow-going at first, but quite interesting as the author got into the heart of her story.

    The whole idea of having a stroke is apparently more frightening to me than I knew before I began reading. Perhaps it was because my mother, and three grandparents had strokes that I had to push myself to read the chapter where the author talks about how her stroke “felt.” Instead of reading along, I kept saying to her, “Get Help” Stop wondering what’s wrong with yourself and making observations! Get help! GET HELP!!”

    The author’s stroke brought her in touch with the right side of her brain when the left hemisphere was injured. IN that right brain, she found PEACE. Much of her story is about the feeling of that peace and how she has worked to keep it as she brought her left brain back “on-line” one skill at a time.

    In addition to the author’s story and information about brain and its processing, the book contains two add- ons. Appendix A contains Jill’s, “ Recommendations for Recovery” and Appendix B is a list “Things I Needed the Most.

    The author had been a brain scientist and only 39 when she had the stroke. Over time, she recovered enough to tell the story with her special understanding. Maybe that’s like our lives… we eventually get enough perspective to be able to tell about it with some wisdom.

    Frances Fritize, Ninepatch Editor

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