Like air from a lady’s bulletin as she fanned herself in a warm church, a breeze wafted past as I sat on my front stoop. Nearby, an air conditioner hummed.

I sat quieting for “intentional time.” Once centered, I would try to see my friend Julia.

Nearly two weeks before, my friend mentioned joining her in an intuition experiment. It was outlined by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Foundation.



Cayce, an American Christian mystic was born in 1877 and died in 1945. While in a trance, Edgar was able to answer questions about healing, welfare of soldiers somewhere on the WWII battlefield, and even Atlantis.

After his death, the Association for Research and Enlightenment was founded. Its purpose was to study Cayce’s work.

Julia e-mailed the next day, repeating her invitation. “The experiment’s about intuition. Want to try?”

I didn’t blink. “You bet!”

She sent me an email flier: “An A.R.E. Member Experiment: Experiencing Telepathy – Experiment 1.” Our trial was to run 20 days. Its results would be reported to A.R.E. Each day we would have an “intentional” quiet time to focus on the other.

The first day, Monday July 25: I reported: Intentional time: 2:40 PM. After washing her hands ( ?) Julia was stepping into the lobby from the small tiled bathroom at her workplace.

The following day, Julia told of her activity about that time: I was in the office all day.  It is quite possible that it was about 2:40 that I took a quick restroom break.  Good get.

Skipping ahead, on Day 7, I dipped into meditation and saw only royal blue. Thoughts from the day and a recent trip to visit my sons interrupted my concentration. Each time, I caught the “stray” and, like picking lint off a shirt, I dropped it in the air.

I concentrated again and the blue turned mauve. A spiritual color. Will I see Julia now?

Like more meditation lint, I caught that question and dropped it. I breathed deeply and the image of a dark shoreline appeared. Later, I saw Julia’s husband’s pontoon boat nosing into their dock. Was Art coming in from fishing? Had he and Julia been out in the boat?

I stored the image in memory then let it and my questions float away.

The next day, I told Julia the image and the time. She wrote back. The impression would be a better than 50% chance except our routine was changed last evening.

I made a sour apple face. Phooey! I was only “close.”

Several days later during intentional time, I got the impression I was riding in a car with Julia, looking past her out her window. Green countryside whizzed by. Her window grew dark, as under dense leafy trees. Suddenly, it was if someone spilled India ink on the picture. I saw a black splotch.

I was spooked! What happened? Was Julia driving home? Is she OK?

I opened my eyes, stood and paced. Don’t be silly!

I argued with myself. But maybe something has happened. She might need help.

Picking up my cell phone, I called the only number I had for Julia: her workplace.

She answered.

Whew! Feeling foolish, I blurted the reason I had called.

Julia accepted the reason and demonstrated its importance by providing her other contact numbers.

Disconnecting, I breathed. I’m glad what I thought I saw wasn’t true.

Julia’s readings were both more specific and on target. She “got” things like: “Have you been thinking of going to Michigan during this past week?  I kept getting a glimpse of you going to Michigan but think perhaps I was just picking up on your thoughts not your actions.”

I reported: “Yes. I am driving up to Michigan either next Monday or Tuesday.”

Another time Julia said,

Delay. I thought perhaps you were delayed in getting on your way to Grand Rapids.”

I thought back and replied. “Driving up, I watched the clock, hoping to make a noon meeting. There was a repaving slow-down on highway 131. Yes. I was delayed.”

Our twenty-day experience passed in a flash. My own “seeing” was often colors, shapes and images Julia might have been living.

On the other hand, Julia sensed what I was doing and even thinking.

Though I didn’t “see” Julia as I thought I might, building faith is about “acting as if” until I actually believe.

Perhaps using one’s intuition is the same.

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