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July Field Corn

July Field Corn

Hi Frances,
A nearby neighbor, whose home is in a more rural and large lot area, tilled a small patch in front of her home. Each day I drove to work with a glance to the left as she set stakes, ran string, and planted seeds. For a few weeks I guess there was no activity in the yard because I just remember organizing my work “to do” during my morning commutes.
Yesterday morning the corn stock leaves moving in the breeze caught my eye. Oh, just barely knee high on July 17. I frowned remembering the oft
said quote. Then my mind drifted to remembering the work she put into the planting. I prayed, “May the warm California weather accelerate the growing and give that gal a nice crop.”
I remember my dad also quoting the old saw, “knee high by the fourth of July”, when our Sunday drive took us through the prairie farms of Colorado.
Nice memory!

Georgene (July ‘16) adds, “Sunday drives were a true family time. Mom and dad chatted in the front seat, sometimes sharing news with us or asking questions about school and friends.  Sometimes it grew quieter up there as they talked in parent code –with spellings or silence with a glance to the back to see if we were listening… which we often were! Us kids played Slug Bug (popping each other in the arm when first to see a Volkswagen Bug) until dad said we were getting too rough. Other games were the I Spy guessing game, or claiming games –adding to your count herds of cows, or out of state license plates seen on along the highway. I wonder how families today enjoy similar long, gentle times together.”


David’s Condo Screen Door

David’s Condo Screen Door


So sorry that you had such an awful encounter with Wayne.  I can’t imagine going through that at this stage of your life. What it must have been like living through that. 

I am so happy that you got out.  It appears to me that “Wayne” has some serious issues.   I also wonder if he is jealous of you.  

Hopefully the rest of the time with your son was more pleasant.

Blessings and love to you,


Connie (Oct. ’14) adds, “I really do think that you got a ‘raw’ deal!”



I just read about the encounter with your ex- and I was furious. In my opinion, he was bullying you.

My husband did this to me over small and infrequent disagreements. I always backed away. Later, I learned a better way. Let me describe it by example.

Stand firmly, look Wayne in the eye, and say, “Wayne, that is the last time you are going to bully me.”

If he responds, you say – “As I said, I won’t be bullied. I’m leaving now to pick up David.”

If he responds, you say – “Remember, no more. Bullying will no longer work with me.”

When I did this with my husband, he was completely taken aback. He saw something in his behavior that he’d never seen before.

I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and I feel terrible about the pain it caused you.

Much love,


Elaine adds, “Recently an outspoken and somewhat aggressive woman criticized me twice in a social setting. My responses were weak. I thought about it for days. Oh, the things I might I have said…. ‘Bonnie, I’d prefer you keep those kinds of comments to yourself. Or, ‘I can see how you might think that, but I don’t necessarily agree with you.’

The point isn’t to get the last word, but I think it is self-respect to stand up for one’s self.


Hi Frances,

That sounded like a terrible experience with your ex-.  I’m glad you don’t have to interact with him officially anymore. I’m really impressed with how well you handled the situation.  (Good for you!)

We are in the midst of moving a few belongings at a time to my daughter’s house in Atlanta.  We have no specific date yet for moving, but we are going down regularly for a week or 10 days at a time to take things and to work on the house. 

My daughter has moved in already and is living in the apartment in the basement.  (My husband and I will live on the main floor.) Right now, he is remodeling my daughter’s kitchen for her! 

  We have had our house up for sale for about two months and about 6 people have looked at it, but no one has made an offer yet.   Considering all this, life has been quite hectic.


Jane (Apr. ‘16) adds, “We plan to move sometime in the fall.” 


Dearest Fritzest,

Reading of your encounter with your ex- was a visceral sensation. It reminded me of many intimidating confrontations with my own ex-husband. (It is so difficult having to still be in situations with such men.)

Although I had not seen my son’s father since the boy was 16, I had arranged with the man to spend some time with his son. When I drove my son to his father’s residence, I called to let the man know we were outside. My ex- refused to see our son and berated me. My son burst into tears.

Later, I apologized to my son and let him know I would not try to facilitate their meetings in the future.

Some lessons are difficult.



Liz/Moascar (May ‘16) adds, “I did not attend my son’s stepsister’s wedding because I did not want to be in the same room with his father.”


Dear Frances,

JK’s reluctance to travel much is understandable…. Dan and I are finding we don’t want to go as far as often either. Sometimes even new and exciting adventures can’t outweigh the comforts of our own beds!  

That said, he’s had time off, so we’ve been trying to use weekends to take mini vacations.

Oh, and, since you asked I’m still working at the deli (in spite of a recent complaining customer!) I’m always keeping an eye open for something else, but as long as I can pay the bills and keep some time open for friends and family, I guess I’m ‘happy’ enough with it.

Otherwise, it’s late so I’m off to bed. 

Have a great nite,

Lynn :- )

Lynn D. (July ’16) says, “In fact, today, Dan and I are taking off to Dunnville, Ontario where we’ll camp for a few days.”


Hello, Frances
Bill and I are leaving for Europe in about 10 days.  I’m not looking forward to the airplane travel which I dislike, but I have to get there somehow. 

The planning for the France part of the trip stretched me seven ways into a pretzel.  I determined that Bill and I should ride trains from Berlin to the Normandy area and then back to meet up with the rest of the group in Germany.   Then, I had to figure out hotels, one-day rental cars, and a tour for the Normandy D-Day area.  I was frazzled into little pieces. 

I’m excited to go. We didn’t get to make the island journey I happily expected last summer, so this is a wonderful make-up trip.

  After France, others will lead the show in Germany, which is a great relief to me.
I’ll look forward to the August
Ninepatch, I am intrigued with what happened with you at your son’s condo. Sounds negative. 

I have learned a great deal about how to deal with negative situations –but I don’t have to like them.   

You know what I mean!


Linda Rosenthal (July ‘16) adds, “I see tidbits of wisdom that folks post on Facebook or that I receive from Hay House, or words of Wayne Dyer.  Those help me stay positive.”


Dear Frances,

Wow! It sounds like you have lots going on! No wonder you feel like you are behind.

As you used to advise me, “One step at a time.” You are in my prayers.

The weather has been hot and humid but finally we have a couple of cool days.

The Truck Show was fun. I especially enjoyed the nights sitting around the camp fire.

Thanks for Ninepatch! Take care of yourself and God bless.

Love and Payers,

Linda Sue.

LindaSue (Aug. ’16) adds, “I still enjoy reading, writing letters and stitchery, but it was fun to be with my family at the Truck Show, too.”


Hi Fritzie,

I was with my grandson yesterday.  He is a young adult in a new apartment.  It is small but really cute place.  

He has a lot of stuff and we had planned to start organizing.   However, all we got done was putting a shelf together and setting canned and boxed food on it.  

I was disappointed but he had just started a new medication and it kept putting him to sleep.  (He said he was told this might happen but it should ease after his system got used to the meds.)

   He has a new roommate and all they do is fight.  I wish he would just live by himself.  His mom said she thought he was afraid to live alone because he has sleep apnea.  

When he was born he was in a stressful fix. He was blue, literally, and would just stop breathing. I believe his brain was denied the oxygen he needed.   He is very childlike but 30 years old.  

 I was hoping he would move to my town where we could get him healthier. I would love to walk every day with him and he could come here to eat breakfast and dinner if he wanted to.  

Hope you continue to enjoy your time in my part of the country.  

Talk to you later my friend.


Patricia (July ‘16) adds, “My husband’s backyard garden tomatoes and cucumbers are really tasty.  We had some of the greens beans and they were pretty good, too.”  


 Hi Frances, 

I have been busy with house cleaning.  I’m cleaning every drawer, cupboards, and closets in both the house and garage.  My husband and I took clothes to the church service center, books to the library, and donated lots of stuff to a garage sale that the school kids were having at our church.

We have lived here for twenty-two years and we just accumulated too much stuff. Every time we opened up a closet door, we felt overwhelmed. (I think I’m a hoarder of recipes and clothes.)  

Hope you had a good summer!


Anna (Aug. ’16) adds, “We started another project too: remodeling our kitchen. Sometimes I think I am crazy for starting big projects like this when people I know are down sick and moving into retirement homes.”

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