around the frame oct 2016 – our experiences


Dear Frances:

I am so sorry to hear Wayne was so terribly mean to you while you were at David’s house.  It is very difficult to deal with someone who is showing that level of aggression. 

You did the right thing in leaving and not engaging him.  I am proud of you!!  And, you continued to do the right thing by telling the right others about it. The loved ones help so much and I know that the Ninepatch fellowship will be supportive. 

Wayne was pushing an old, broken “button” you had, expecing the same engagement as in the past. Isn’t it glorious you can look at the situation for what it is? 

Bless you, honey.


Linda Rosenthal (Sept.’16) adds, “It is such a challenge not to return fire, so to speak. Remember that adage: the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results?”



I just opened your September ‘16 issue of Ninepatch and saw all the expressions of concern about your “confrontation” with Wayne.  Since I hadn’t read the August issue, I went back to it and reviewed it.

I’m sorry for the stress either of you underwent, and it does sound like Wayne was defensive to the point of bullying.  We both know divorce leaves scars.  

Keep up the good work of forgiveness and reconciliation.  I’m reminded of the quote a friend sent:  “I didn’t know how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who never said he (she) was sorry and had to accept an apology I never received.”


Allen (Feb. 16) adds, “The good news is that both you and I eventually found supporting spouses whom we love.”




Hi Frances …

I really enjoyed your Sept. ‘16 “Intuition” piece. Many years ago I read some of the Cayce books. I read Edgar Cayce, There is a River and Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet. Fascinating reading. 

I’ve always thought I would like to visit the A.R.E Foundation.

Will you be doing more of the experiments? The way you described the process sounds so

much like the way Quakers center down in worship, waiting to be lead by the Lord in thought and in prayer as well as in giving

messages to the rest of the meeting of worshipers.

Thank you for sharing.

Blessings, as always


Simon Stargazer III (July ‘16) adds, “I had not thought about Edgar Cayce for years. Then he crossed my mind about a week ago. Now your piece mentions him. How cool is that?”



Thank you, Frances, for your mid-month reflection!  I like the analogy of impatiens to the inner child.

All is well here.  I rarely make TO-DO lists anymore, but I have one today:

– Empty mouse trap.

– Email a friend about the disposal of her stamp collection.

– Cut up the chicken I roasted yesterday and freeze for the cat

– Throw away orange Christmas cactus (too big and ugly to keep or give away).

– Call a stamp friend about door prizes for autumn stamp show.

– Work on request letters for door prizes for autumn stamp show.

Sounds like you and JK are enjoying your time in Goshen.  Looking forward to another visit from you.

Love and hugs,


Carol (Sept. ‘16) adds, “I didn’t complete a couple of things on the list.  That’s par for me.  Still need to cut up the chicken and work on those door prizes.”


Blueberry-pecan pancakes

Blueberry-pecan pancakes

Hi Frances,

I’ve never had to cook for a family but I’ve always been the primary “cook for the couple”. For years I have been a recipe follower, with only minor adjustments because I just don’t want to think anymore about the food. I’ve never really liked cooking and after many tries of inviting my husband to cook a meal or two –with rarely positive results –I dumped tons of cookbooks and magazine cut-out recipes and resigned myself to a life of using my computer search engine: “Recipe’s for ingredients X, Y and Z” –inserting whatever ingredients I had in my fridge. It worked well for a few years.

Recently we tried one of those meal delivery services. I LOVE “Gobble.” We order three meals for two each week and the meals take less than 25 minutes to cook and plate. We can choose from 6-7 meal options per week and we’ve become adventurous trying meals with Asian, Indian, and Italian influences we never would have tried at restaurant prices.

Now I cook, hubby cleans up and we both spend less than ½ hour in the kitchen each evening. THAT rocks!


Georgene (Sept. ’16) adds, “Maybe it’s odd that I love to watch cooking shows. ‘Martha Stewart
Cooks’ is on at 5:30 am each morning and sometimes I watch her while having my morning coffee. Currently, I’m on a series binge watch of ‘Chef’s Table’ a Netflix original series about the lives and
restaurants of top chefs around the world.”



So you were able to translate and duplicate the taste and texture of JK’s pancakes, right?

I am presently the world’s laziest cook.  After many years of cooking for my family I have little desire to do much beyond what is necessary to keep myself fed.  There you have it.

Even though I enjoy reading recipes, there is little danger of me actually trying them!


Chantal ( See her MONTHLY QUESTIONcomment.) adds, “Enjoying this gorgeous fall weather!”

Dear Fritzahappy day,

Reading Bookworm’s “I’m an Aspie” (May-Sept. ’16) put me in mind of one of the kids I work with. He, too, has difficulty with changes.

I am friends with the boy’s mother and have not yet told her that I am going to India for 2 months. (I was going to quit my job at the end of summer session, but found that I did not want to leave “my” kids” quite so soon.)

I spoke with the principal and we agreed I would work August and September.

I have thought about my friend’s son because he has a difficult time with changes.

If I find I have been scheduled to work with my friend’s son, will ask her if she would rather have someone new as teacher rather than change during the school year.

Time will tell.



Liz/Moascar (Sept. ‘16) says, “My trip to India is so important to me, but it’s so difficult in other ways.”


Dear Frances,

So glad to hear you’re getting the chance to have some family time –especially getting to see grandchildren. My weekly visits with mine are usually the highlight of my week. 

Our mini-vacation trip to Dunnville, Canada went well. Dan and I got to do a kayaking day. We rowed from Byng Conservation Area to Port Maitland Point. (We have wanted to do that bit since last year.) Truth be told, though, I’m glad to be able to remove that one from my ‘bucket list.’ I don’t ever want to do it again. It was one of the hottest, hardest afternoons I’ve had in a while! Four hours or so of arguing, straining, and worrying. ARGH!

The funny thing is that I’d also thought I wanted to float from Caledonia to Cayuga, which is about 3 times longer! Now, I highly doubt I will unless I can get Dan to let me steer. ? 

Hope all’s well with you and yours, 



Lynn D. (Sept. ‘16) says, “We didn’t take the motorbike this time. Poor Red’s probably thinking we don’t love her anymore ! We’ll use her this weekend to go to a concert in Port Colbourne.”



PHOTO TURKEY Nat’l Colour Series

Dear Frances,

Thank you for the post card showing the ruins in Turkey. Time, like the melting of a snow man, changes the landscape.

We have always left our small implant with its passage. How different the earth is now compared to back when it was born!



James (Sept. ‘16) adds, “You and I are witness to the changes of time.”



I have the following stuck to my bathroom mirror. I thought of you when I saw it today, so I’m passing it along. This is from The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz:


Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.”



Elaine (Sept. ‘16) adds, “I just returned from my monthly wine club gathering. Ha-ha! I am the only one drinking La Croix (club soda) from a wine glass.”


Hello Frances,

You say you are busy-busy and running here and there. Hang in there! Busy can be a good thing and time with family is so precious, so easily lost. (I miss those years my ex- separated me from my family.)

I remember a saying from the Twelve Step Program, “When we always do what you always did, we’ll always get what we always got.”

My ex-husband used to say, “You are so set in your ways. If someone tries to change them, you go crazy.”

He was right. There was a time when change scared me. Some change still does.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Sept. ‘16) says, “Now, I try to change something every day!


Hello Frances,

I am working in an after-school care program. On the first day I fell over a few storage bins and damaged my knee (second time), only this time above the other injury. The doctor put a leg brace on it. It is uncomfortable But it gives me protection. I have now workman compensation. (Only rest can help me now.)

I have moved closer to my previous stomping grounds. My landlord is from Jamaica and is also a shaman. After my injury, he put me on his tea turmeric and soursop (and other teas.) I have been drinking that daily and the inflammation that was in my body (diabetes, type II) is gone. Now I am being considered pre-diabetic.

Love my Ninepatch.

Hope all is ok with you.


Lotte (Feb.’16) adds, “When I fell the first time, I never had an infection, because I drank turmeric tea.”

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