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I loved your Oct. ‘16 story “Jeannie” –but so sad.  It had to be so difficult to go through this with her.

So special she sent that letter to you.

Dottie (July ‘16) adds, “I also loved June’s FABRICS article, “I Remember.”  How precious.  The picture of the Model A was great.”


the people's exchange

Thanks Frances,

This bit about “The People’s Exchange” reminded me of a trip we took to Shiphewana about 20 years ago. Pleasant memories.


Simon Stargazer



Fun Mid-month sharing, Frances.

Love the picture of the Amish buggies. 

Looks like about 2 more weeks of communal living with my son and his wife here with me. Not sure whether that makes me happy or sad. Most probably a little of both!  




Hi Frances,

I enjoyed Anna’s letter in the August ‘16 issue.  I am impressed and inspired by her cleaning and painting efforts.  It is affirming to know that this is what we need to do in this season of our lives.  I would say that updating the kitchen is a wise investment and worth the headache.  You go, girl!

I am helping a friend liquidate a stamp collection she inherited.  It fills eight large Rubbermaid tubs and is VERY heavy.  It’s way too much for me to assimilate into my own collection, so I will see if I can find a dealer to take it.  I warned my friend that she will get mere pennies on the dollar, and she is OK with that.

                My husband and I are cleaning our basement.  It is somewhat climate controlled, but not enough for his oil paintings.  Some have grown mold and will have to be destroyed.  My husband is taking it very well.  He realizes that he needs to get his comic book collection out of the basement, too, and find a good home for it.

Thanks for putting this in “ink,” and enjoy what’s left of autumn!



Carol (Oct. ‘16) adds, “My home office is on the second floor.  It is my ‘stamp tower’ where my collection is, and it needs a good purge.  I clear out a bit here and there, but I quickly get overwhelmed.”



Hi Frances,
I hope everything is going well in Indiana.  I still am feeling at home out in the Pacific NW.

I’m not currently reading anything. Instead, I’ve been volunteering for an organization that does environmental clean up in Oregon. That has been very rewarding. 

If I had to put my present life into words, I would say that my spiritual explorations have allowed me to live a little more simply and in
the moment. 


KarenLouise (Mar. ‘16) adds, “Good luck with all of your explorations, spiritual direction, and inner listening.”


Bill and Linda in Austria, Alps in distance

Bill and Linda in Austria, Alps in distance

Dear Frances:

I am back from my trip to Germany and France. My husband, his father and I have been home several days.  

The trip was amazing, full of drama, humor, learning, maturing and a lot of walking! We averaged 4-6 miles a day with nearly 7 miles one day.

I jumped from a moving train (long story),found my uncle’s grave in the Normandy area of France (a lifetime dream), saw some incredible natural beauty, historical sites, Paris, rode on a high speed train –not the one I jumped from– through Germany and France, and learned, learned, learned! 

You asked about my trip journal. Oh, Frances, I wish I had the time to journal during the trip! I’m counting on the photos to help me recall the experiences. They would fill a book!

But how to get the time to write? (It’s a luxury to have it now.) Maybe I should go back to good old fashioned pen and ink, rather than the convenience of a computer….

I had some alone time yesterday, but it wasn’t nearly enough! I feel as though a week of silent reflection would be better. 


Linda Rosenthal (Oct.16) adds, “I caught my father-in-law’s cold and have been hacking and miserable. Mending. Not enjoying the slow climb to wellness, but it is what it is.”


Here IYAM! 

I’m at last back in Florida, reoriented and feeling pretty good for the most part.  Slower than I was and taking one day at a time, one step at a time (have to – equilibrium is off). 

 We drove down to FL for the last time. It’s too exhausting /stressful for both of us. After this, we’ll fly.  (See next.)

This trip I did get my husband to stop in St. Augustine, Fl. on the way home. We had breakfast there and visited the Basilica’s Open Door and walked around the old town a bit.

Your June ‘16story about visiting there alerted me to that Open Door.  Aha! 

No reason we shouldn’t stop on our last day headed home. 



Nancyann (May ‘16) adds, “I’d like to return to St Augustine and spend more time touring the ancient city.”


Dear Frances,

Greetings from me with the leg brace!

Since my fall on the first day back at school. I have been on workmans’ compensation and not been able to drive my car.

I love the outdoors, always going here, there and everywhere. None of my friends drive. I used to drive them wherever they needed to go. I do have one friend that drives, but has a hard time using her arms. When she comes and picks me up, she uses her feet while I steer!

I tried the Uber car service. I had to wait and wait. Next, I tried Lyft. They were very nice, less

expensive and quite efficient. Have used them twice.


Lotte (Oct. ‘16) adds, “I cannot wait until I am able to drive myself again!”



Yesterday I called my dad and found him in an extreme state of poverty anxiety. (I KNOW that dragon.)

I observed my own thoughts while his poured out. On one hand, I wanted to rush him off the phone to prevent my own dragon from rearing up. But as soon as I recognized that fear- based-knee-jerk –I was able to step back and simply hear him with compassion.

I realized then what I could change –so I took that step, then called him and reported back. I reminded him of what he must do to help himself.

By the time I said goodbye he was in a much improved state of mind and ready, I think, to take the steps that only he can take.

As for me –I walked away from my dragon with out a single singed lapel.


Sherryl (June ‘16) “I’m amazed. And relieved.”

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