Men and women everywhere

Are trying to find a way

To pay their bills and smile a bit

While avoiding disarray,

Searching, seeking, trying to find

Using only their human mind

Insurance, ensure-ance, striving

for the stance

Leading to serenity–

Do you think they have a chance?

Perhaps they are looking –

in the wrong place.

So focus, people, here and now.

Not on earthly treasures,

But biding in relationship

With the HOLY WOW!

DAPepple (Oct. ‘16) adds, “Most folks search for something above and beyond life’s survival actions.  I understand this as my inner ‘Dance’ – that invisible energy essence which ties it all together, which gives purpose, hope, and meaning, that which supersedes and/or melds our physical/emotional/spiritual/ social/mental/sexual/ recreational/ familial/ relationship-ial being.  

Dance’ was a 3:33 AM write without any smoothing, editing or additional thought.  The awkward read mirrored my walk.

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