around the frame dec 2016 – our experiences

tree and cloudstree and clouds

Thank you for your appreciation of what is!”

Palma (See her story, p. 8)


Lovely, simply lovely thoughts and inspiring photographs…. Thank you, Frances!”

Gail (July ‘16)


I liked your mid-month reflection article. And the nice pic.”

June (See her Story in FABRICS.) **

Gorgeous picture of the bare tree with sunset in the back-

ground. The entire reflection was very apt for the month of November!  I, too, have been moved by autumn’s beauty –this year especially.”

Chantal (Oct. ‘16)


Dear Frances,

Your life produces much

fruit … fruits of the spirit that feed the souls of your friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for the many times you have fed me over the years


Georgene (See her comment on The Monthly Question comment p. 11.)


Hi Fritzie,

Our Christmas tree is up.  I love that tree.  I don’t do much else for decoration: just some-thing on the front door and the Santa on the porch.  

I wouldn’t put the Santa on the porch but it belongs to my homeless son Bryan.  He left it with me.

I thought if he made his way back here and saw it on the porch, he would know we still lived here.  When Santa is gone, there is also a stone his ex-wife made when we moved in.  It has the year we bought our house with our name on it.  

Hope all is well with you my friend.

Talk to you later.


Patricia (Nov. ‘16) adds, “I don’t think Bryan will ever find his way home, but just in case …

Santa will be there and when the holiday is over, the stone I mentioned will be by the front step.”


Dear Lovely Frances,

   I have been reading less.  Our first book club book was non-fiction, no fun to read.  

Now we are reading A Manual for Cleaning Women. It’s by Lucia Berlin (1936-2004).  According to a New York Times review by Dwight Garner, the book is a collection of “… careworn, haunted, messily alluring and yet casually droll stories.”

I think I am going to like this book.

  I went to a lovely voice recital on Saturday.  It was held in a local church and led by my buddy Jane.    Jane doesn’t do a run-of-the-mill recital.  She had professional accompanists, the organist is also a professional musician. Jane herself is a professional singer and violinist. 

It was so grand.



  Louise (Aug. ‘16) adds, “My husband is in the hospital because of a bad fall. He smacked his head and is having tests.  I am waiting to hear results.” 


Hi Frances!

 It must feel good that your husband is excited to have you back!  

 I have been reading Emotional Healthy Skills 2.0 by Pete & Geri Scazzero. This week I have that book study group at my home so I will be doing extra cleaning. My kids are coming Saturday or Sunday to help me with a few heavy chores.    

Yesterday, I went to a new Tai Chi class. I love the teacher.

Tonight, I’m going to a Christmas musical. Life is surely an adventure.  


Dottie (Nov. ‘16) adds, “Unfortunately, I don’t always remember the ‘adventure’ line of thinking, but listening to and reading ‘Abraham’ daily reminds me.”


Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane


Beautiful sandhill cranes walked past my window just now. Skies are gray and wind picking up a bit. 

Love you,


Nancyann (Nov. ‘16) adds, “I’m waiting for a storm and that never feels good.


Dear Frances,

Now I am back to work full time. The position I have been

given is not my cup of tea. I’m looking to change jobs again –more challenging.

I’ve been on the computer but the one I have –if I type too fast, the words will appear as gibberish. I can type faster on my phone!



Lotte ( Nov. ’16) adds, “I do volunteer by tutoring children which I enjoy.”


Dear Frances,

So, you are a snowbird! My brother and his wife –the ones who help me so much –will be snowbirds this year, too. (She inherited a place there when her dad died last year.) I miss them already.

You said you didn’t have that many close friends where you live in Florida. I don’t either, but the ones I do have are real close.

Maybe I don’t collect lots of friends because I never learned how as a kid. Being the child of an alcoholic, I wasn’t allowed to have friends around when I was young.

Childhood affects a lot of one’s life.

God bless.

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Nov. ‘16) adds,

Now that it’s colder, I spend more time indoors reading, writing letters and working on my stitchery.”


Hello Fritzie,

As you will remember, I had to have back surgery back in February. Partial healing has taken all these months.

I walk almost everyday, and twice most days. My puppy, Maya, is my healer. She loves to walk and pushes me. (A little dreamer … I love that dog. She is my dearest companion.) See next page.

I want to go to Oregon to see my daughter. I miss her.

Overall, I have come to realize that family is the most important thing I have.

I have learned so much about the people who need help. I care more for the helpless souls of the world. I have found a purpose. It is here is to give the most to those in need and help and love unselfishly.

Jodi (Apr. ‘16) adds, “There are so many in worse shape than I am.”


Hi Fritzie,

Busy days here: choir continues.  We’re singing Handel’s “Joshua” this year. One of the songs is familiar –a long-sung hymn from years back –but most of the work was unknown to me.  I love it and love going to choir rehearsals Monday nights.  At least three of us meet for tea-time in a restaurant near the school where rehearsals are held.

Family here all fine.  I recently had my granddaughter for three days, which was great fun.  Yesterday, one daughter and her son came for lunch and part of the afternoon.

Hope that all is well with you and all the family.  

Hugs to you!


Betsy (Aug. ‘16) adds, “My friend from choir is coming for a practice session this morning.”


Dear Frances:

I’m fine and so is Bill. We’re planning to take my new laptop when we go to Florida in case we need to do some business stuff during the winter. It has a lighted keyboard, which delights me no end.

(I am sitting here, half listening to “American Pickers” and typing this letter. And I

can see the keyboard! Tee-hee!)

We’ve been busy here with the survey company, good for us because we can save money for the run-up to leaving. Of course, being work busy not good for anything else that I want to do.

I’ve never been a great organizer of my own time

unless I’m pushed to the wall. I like to just roll with whatever comes along. But the business world and being self-employed put a crimp in that. I like both worlds and I struggle to find a way to fit in both!

So much to write about lately, I yearn to do it, but I can only do what I can do as I have the time.

Best of regards,


Linda (Nov. ‘16) adds, “Where does the time go? Summers are so short here in the north anyway and then, poof! Here comes the beautiful fall color and the ugly white stuff to follow.”


Longevity has its rewards.

James (Nov. ‘16) says, “The older I get, the more I appreciate aging.”


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