Again this year our game to increase self-knowledge comes from Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery, the first book by and Isamu Saito and Tadahiko Nagao a professor and head of

the Kokology Project Team ( respectively) at Waseda University in Japan.

Not intended to be a religious discussion, the authors posed the following situation:

“… imagine that the soul survives after death. What form do you imagine it takes once it is freed from the body?…”

Four choices were offered:

1.The soul is the same size and shape as it’s body was in life.

2.The soul retains its human form, but expands in size.

3.The soul is tiny and human shaped, like a fairy.

4.The soul is like a ball of flame or a cloud without definite form.”

This month’s player for the 2017 Self-Discovery Games is James (See his one-line comment after FABRICS.) He offers the following picture of a ball of fire (the sun) and clouds. He is a “four.”

Ball of fire and clouds

Ball of fire and clouds

4. The soul is like a ball of flame or a cloud, without definite form.

About this choice authors say, “You aren’t upset by your short-comings or proud of your strengths, and you can’t be bothered in comparing yourself with others. In fact, you aren’t very interested in issues of the self at all. That may be because you’re incredibly shallow or because you’re profoundly wise. But even that doesn’t seem very important to you.”

James replies, “That fits me very well.”

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