FORUM (From Readers to Other Readers)

(Letters to Other Ninepatch Writers)

Dear Frances,

I’ve been savoring my latest delivery of Ninepatch and I realized that I have much to share with our contributors:

Dear Palma,

The words you shared about your feelings for Ed warmed my heart. Your time with him was a blessing.

Dear LindaSue,

I totally agree with Frances. I have been reading your contributions for over a decade and you have truly grown.

I would even say you are blossoming as you discover yourself in this period of alone time. It takes time to bloom!

Dear Malaina,

I remember sitting in the pews on Sunday evening as a teenager. Our evening service always kicked off

with a hymn-sing of multiple songs. We used no musical accompaniment and so the harmony of voices was perfectly clear. I’ve found a local radio station that often plays those old hymns and you can bet that I’m belting out the first verse and then mumbling along with the remainder. Thanks for prompting these great memories.

Dear Liz/Moscar,

Your travels are amazing!

Dear Patricia,

You have opened my eyes to what it means to have a loved one suffer from mental illness. Your witness is goodness.

Dear Linda Rosenthal,

Your story about the gypsies revived some memories. In my
hometown, 40-45 years ago, being mixed blood (Caucasian and Hispanic) gave rise to a number of parents making ugly comments to me (or within hearing distance) when their sons dated me. Now, people don’t give my mixed blood a second thought. My skin tone is complimented. The times they keep a-changing.

Dear Bookworm,

I’m glad you enjoyed Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli. I worked with and for Mike from 1998 until his death in 2003. He was an open, welcoming man and never let a messy situation get him down. In fact, I know he loved working out his faith in the middle of messes.

I could say more but I best close for now.


Georgene (Dec. ‘16) adds, “As our Ninepatch contributors share their stories, I find it easier to share my own.”

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