June Poucher’s soul drawing.

June Poucher’s soul drawing.

This month June Poucher (Feb. ‘17) shares her thoughts after playing the “soul” game.

She says, “I chose number one.” (“The soul is the same size and shape as its body was in life.”)

Authors of Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery, the first book by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito have this to say about a number one choice.

You have one of the most valuable things in the world –self-esteem. You accept yourself, faults and all, and love yourself for what you are. Always keep that same attitude as you go through life, and keep discovering how much about yourself there is to know.”

June continues, “When I read the comment I knew it was the right one for me! I am confident in who I am; character and integrity are important to me. I had a ‘near death’ experience some years back and I was aware of being at peace, unafraid.

When I ‘cross over’ I will meet my dear ones who preceded me.”


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