Frances Fritzie (Editor) writes on the topic, “I was named after…”

“I was named after my father, Frank. Daddy was across the ocean fighting in WWII’s Pacific theater when I was born.

Mother had written him asking, “What shall we name ‘Oscar?’ “

Daddy had replied, “You can name him after me!”

That was the last Mother heard from Daddy before I surprised them both!

When searching her mind for what to call me, Mother remembered Daddy’s mother had him baptized with a saint’s name, “Francis.”

That cinched it! She could name me after my father after all. On my birth certificate she wrote “Frances” after Daddy Frank’s Christian name.


This month’s question, “I remember my parents as being….” will continue for April and a new one will join it: “What particular sound annoys you the most?”

We look forward to hearing from you!

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