Recently, I discovered an exciting aspect of my Kindle electronic reader. It offers free subject related titles with Kindle unlimited.

In past several weeks, I have been stuck in waiting rooms and found I seriously enjoyed hopping from one book to another on United States’ Southwest Indian spirituality and life.  The southwest is such a wonderful and fascinating place for a Florida girl.  It was a grand reading adventure!

I started with Tony Hillerman, and later read his daughter Ann. Both contributed to a series of Navajo Tribal Police detective novels. Tony’s novels began with the The Blessing Way in 1970.

Continuing her father’s series, Ann began her books with Spider Woman’s Daughter, in 2006.

After the Hillermans, I moved on through R. Allen Chappell’s series starting with Mojado: A Nation’s Mystery. Next, I took on Mark Reps books starting with Apache, A Zeb Hanks Mystery.

Last, I enjoyed Chinle Miller’s Four Corners Area adventures. Though these were not connected with Native Americans, the stories featured fun characters, new and exciting geography with different geology, climate and landscape. The author takes you right there for a few hours of great escape. 



Amy Karen (Aug. ‘16) adds, “Even though some of the titles I read are probably available only on Kindle, the authors have written many other Southwestern books which are in paper copy.”

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