This is an historical novel by Jane Kirkpatrick, one of my favorite authors. She gives us inspiring stories of women who accomplish amazing feats.

The story is about Helga and her daughter Clara who in 1896 accepted a wager from the fashion industry. They undertook to walk from Spokane, Washington to New York City within seven months.

They wore the new reform dress, in an effort to earn $10,000 to save their family farm from foreclosure.

The fashion industry was funding the promotion of the new reform dress with shorter skirts and no corsets. The two made their way on the 3,500 mile trip by following the railroad tracks.

Surrounding the walk there was some serious dissension from the men in the family about the women being able to save the farm. As a result, Clara left her family and became a successful business woman.

She became her own person as times changed for women at the turn of the century.

June Poucher (Mar. ’17) adds: “The story of the family schism comes full circle, back to love and grace, and the importance of family.”

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