When someone passes over,

It ignites the flame of memories

Generated by their life

and its interactions,

Which, in turn, may affect the future

of those touched.


Simon Stargazer III (Mar. ‘17) says, “I’ve been affected. I wrote these lines in memory of Elsa (Von Haesler) Haworth, Thayer Jones and Chase Haworth. In thinking of them, the way they touched me was through their passions.

Elsa married my brother John. She earned her Masters in Physical Therapy, which she never practiced, but instead went on to become involved (Next.)

in many philanthropic and social endeavors. She was passionate

about people, which is probably why she took her Masters in Physical Therapy.

My brother Thayer had a passion for teaching and nature, in the form of the Sierra Nevada Mountains … that passion was what kept his mind active and vibrant till his passing at that distant age of 91, still hoping to change the methods and goals of the California school system.

Another brother, Chase, had a passion for living life and bringing life back into mechanical things like cars, and aircraft as well as heavy construction equipment. When not working with these metal monsters, he had a zest for life that he shared wholeheartedly with others throughout his life.

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