Chantal (Mar. ‘17) comments on our question, “What particular sound annoys you the most?”

She says, “I didn’t have to think but a moment about what sound annoys me –it is the sound of multiple power hand dryers being used at once in a public restroom.  They end up sounding like a jet is taking off!  I run out of the restroom either shaking my hands to dry them or wiping them with a Kleenex that’s in my pocket or worse, wiping them on my clothes! 

I’ll bet that I’m the only person you hear from who has that particular gripe!


Georgene (Mar. ‘17) adds her comments about her annoying sound: “I live and work in quiet environments. Our home and neighborhood are also quiet. I work for a church, so even though the work area can get hectic there is always a place of quiet nearby.

Add to this my husband and I have no nearby family and most friends are near our mature ages. We don’t have get-togethers that include youngsters and all their activity. These circumstances make for a very quiet life –when wanted.

Because of this, I find the jarring voices of a whiney child and aggravated adult in public spaces to be the most annoying.

I understand that most people with children live in a noisy world of instruction and negotiation.

However, because I don’t hear these sounds very often, they have a shrill tone in my ears which I find annoying.”


The question above continues for April and a new one joins it. To calm down when I am scared I…”

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