May’s new question was, “To calm down when I am scared I….”

Christa (Apr. ‘17) had this to say.To calm down when I am scared, I use a number of different strategies because I suffer from chronic mild anxiety. Deep breaths help to calm me when I am feeling anxious about something that’s actually happening, like having to complete a big work assignment.

When it comes to things like public speaking –which terrifies me –or performing on stage, simply being mindful of the floor underneath my feet helps a lot.

But to calm bigger fears and also baseless fears that won’t go away, I have medication. It is, as they say, better living through chemistry. I don’t take it often but when I do it helps a great deal to stop my mind and heart from racing out of control.

Christa (Apr. ’17) adds, “My medication came in handy recently when my 4-year-old son had minor surgery to remove his adenoids and place tubes in his ears.”


May’s thought to complete, “To calm down when I am scared I…” continues and a new question joins it: “If you owned a yacht, what would you name it?”

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