Simon Stargazer III (See also his thought in THREAD.) says, “I picked the last choice ( number 4), the flaming ball with indistinct borders.”

About this visualization of the soul after death, authors of Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, have this to say:

You aren’t upset by your shortcomings or proud of your strengths, and you can’t be bothered in comparing yourself with others. In fact, you aren’t very interested in issues of the self at all. That may be because you’re incredibly shallow or because you’re profoundly wise. But even that doesn’t seem very important to you.”

Comparing his thoughts to the authors, Simon Stargazer III says, “Interesting Kokology interpretations. Had I read the meanings before I drew, I still would have drawn the same. But, I would probably would have chosen #1 instead of #4.

As I drew my picture, my concept of number 4 was one of a questing soul,

both reaching out to gather input with other souls and to express my soul meaning to other souls.

Stargazer’s drawing

Stargazer’s drawing

I look at the drawing as depicting my imperfections as I soar away from earth and towards God where I will be welcomed and perfected.

It’s interesting that I didn’t know what I was drawing until it was done!

Thanks for the exercise in self-understanding.”

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