Cynthia had thin lips

that said more than the

words she spoke.

When she was content

they stayed in a slightly


When she was upset

with you they puckered

and shook a little; she had

a habit of sniffing and she would

only say one word,


You would have wished for

more. A strong reprimand

was not her way and when she

got upset her lips would get

tight and rigid, as if they had


Her eyes would close

(as if she were in prayer).

Problem was, by the time she


she would pretend that nothing ever


Her lips would soften.

Then she would make a cup of tea,

and I

would take a bath scented with her

gardenia bath oil, to

forget it all.”

  Bluebird (Apr. ‘17) adds, “Cynthia, like many sophisticated ladies of her time, used facial expressions to express their displeasure.  I also have thin lips but am known for being outspoken and for saying exactly what I think.

I am now working on a book about my relationship with my mother, to be titled: My Mother Marjorie…and Me.  You can write to me directly at”

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