Time flies

Whether you’re

Having fun or not.


So grab a bit of that time

And use it

to have some fun!

Simon Stargazer (Apr.‘17) adds,I have fun when I visit antique stores or especially antique malls to see what triggers nostalgia! I rarely buy, unless it is a special item that evokes a long lost memory.

I also enjoy Artist Salon open houses. My favorite one is once a month on Friday and Saturday in the Stutz building in Indianapolis, which is home to over a hundred artists. In the old factory, Stutz used to build the Stutz Bearcat and other autos of the rich and famous.

My third form of fabulous enjoyment is attending the Indianapolis Symphony. My most recent was Brahms symphony #4 in E minor, Opus 98. I enjoyed it with my daughter, Robin. 

On a more spontaneous note, I enjoy playing a form of competitive online crossword puzzles called ‘Words With Friends.’ I compete with people all over the US. Since I’ve only won about 35% of my games, so I’m learning from a bunch of better players. That only makes the wins more sweet!” 

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