In and out of active addiction,

Accompanied by insanity attacks,

I was carried thru by God’s great


With the weight of my cross on

His back.

Now that I see the miracle happening

The forces of evil grow stronger

To re-capture the victory

they thought was theirs,

But tangible –no longer.

Through vanity, pride and


Satan plays his games,

But the love of God and His spirit


Prove Who really reigns.

The battle’s not over –it’s only begun

The joy in my soul vs. memory

But by the Grace of God

and transformation,

I’m not the willing enemy.


DAPepple (Apr. ‘17) adds, “When I was actively using, many negative behaviors increased and allowed the evil one to invest elsewhere.  Secrets, lies, and the resulting shame kept me sick for a long time.  All along I wanted that meaningful relationship with God that others purported to have, but could only grab glimpses.  Thankfully, the process of seeking became my reality, and God ushered me to the other side of the storm. For close to 20 years now I have been a grateful tender of garden earth.

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