I’ve a story to tell. Gotta’ tell you about my sister Mollie’s and my experience with my snake. (I have a pair of black snakes about 3 1/2 to 4 feet long that live under my stone step out front.)

One morning as I was letting out my dog, Sally Mandy,

I spied one of them curled up in the corner by my piano. “Hey Moll,” I hollered to my sister, “Do you want to help me catch a snake?” (Moll Doll is always up for an adventure.)

She grabbed the broom and the two of us advanced on the snake. She hooked the snake with the handle and tried to lift it out. Half way out, it slithered off the broom. Not to be out done by a snake, Moll hooked it again and lifted it another 6 inches out. Again, it slithered off the broom.

I said, “Oh, rats! I’m gonna’ have to grab it.”

(I did not relish this idea because, while they are not poisonous, they can still bite.)

Finally, I swallowed my fear and made a grab for it. I wanted to get it right behind the head but I got it about 3 inches down the neck. It must have been the female because she did not try to bite me. (The male would have tried.)

She Snake just relaxed and let me carry her out and throw her on the grass.

Ellen Christensen (Nov. ‘12) adds, “She Snake must have come in the dog entrance. Phew! Never a dull moment at Dulce Refugio.”

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