around the frame may 2017 – our experiences

The “Florida dog”

Ha-ha, Frances!

I like the way you compliment JK’s wild side. (It’s a rare senior that still has one!)

John and I are off to La Jolla for a concert and a walk. The weather is in the high 60’s so warmth might be a little challenging on the coast.

We’ll just have to take the “layers” route.


Georgene (See her story in FABRICS.) adds, “Geez, I want to be retired!”


Dear Frances,

  I enjoyed your April ‘17 reflection, “JK and Farfel!” I guess those 2 males bonded in a way that we don’t.

It was that way with Red, my husband Milton’s Australian shepherd. Red loved everybody but there was no doubt he belonged to M!

Bless you, my friend,


June (See her book review this issue.) adds, “After M died, Red transferred his allegiance to me.”


Hi Frances,

It seems that dogs instantly recognize the alpha male!

When my daughter Kristy arrives with her family, including Coco, their female part-shiatsu, I sweet-talk her. But, she hops into my husband Harry’s lap and settles in.

Happy Spring!


Gail (Feb. ‘17) says, “If we pay attention, we can learn so much from animals. My black male feral cat who doesn’t know he’s wild, would rather be petted and loved than eat! ‘Easy does it’ is a slogan personified by cats AND acceptance is the answer to all my problems! They never hold a grudge when I forget to feed them. They wait patiently or look elsewhere.”


Hey Fritzie,

Your April 2017 story was a great basketball memory. I played basketball in high school and college. After living in Asia /Africa for 34 years, I thoroughly enjoy TV basketball or going to games.  

A favorite memory was ‘running bball clinics’ in Kathmandu, Nepal on Sunday afternoons for primary school kids when my son was that age. The court was on an outdoor court at the Lincoln, the English language school supported by the US Dept. of State.

To the north are the majestic Himalaya Mountains –the roof of the world.  Before beginning to play, I attempted to explain to these kids the magic of this game, “…bball is like ballet with a purpose.”

 Often my son was not impressed and popped off, “Pap, let’s play bball!”

My pep talk ended quickly.  

But, that outdoor court remains in my mind. It was a magnificent environment for playing this game outdoors.

B-ball court in Kathmandu

B-ball court in Kathmandu

While some would contend, I wasted my youth playing the game, that’s not what my memories reveal.

Jim was remarried, then widowed. He has one grown son and one granddaughter, less than 2 years old. In his spare time, he enjoys bicycling and traveling. The best book I read in last year is Progress by Johan Norberg. Jim observes, “Humankind has made more progress in the last hundred years –poverty reduction, decrease in hunger, life expectancy, sanitation, education and freedom –than in previous 100,000 years.”


Dear Frances,

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been so focused on redecorating and relationship issues, that I’ve let far too many things slip –including checking my mail. So, yesterday, I finally sorted through a pile of mail and found your latest card with the thank you in it. I am happy to help with the web site.

Thinking again about picnics and bannock bread again. We learned about in making the bread on a stick in Canadian history classes in grade school. As a kid I got to make it while camping. It’s easy enough for little ones to do, and so tasty when stuffed with raspberry preserves!

Hope spring is bringing little surprises and reasons for hope and joy into your life, my dear.

Thanks again,


Lynn : )

Lynn D. (Apr. ‘17) adds, Oh! We’ve been seeing robins on the back patio. The other day just after a big storm, I saw a battered one. Poor thing! I was still glad to see him.”


Dear Fritzaspringday,

I have been thinking about the discussion a few months ago regarding mothers.

I had a few biofeedback sessions in which I had a conversation with my deceased mother. It was very illuminating and freeing.

I have also to balance my feelings regarding my mother with my own guilt and shame about motherhood.



Liz/Moascar (Apr. ‘17) adds, “My younger son just moved out here and is staying with me. He is talking about going to school here. This week I have been (mostly) on spring break from one of the school districts I am subbing with. I’ve been getting in some extra hikes. Here is a picture of that son and me on a cold, wet, hike to Mount Laguna.

Liz and her younger son

Liz and her younger son


Dear Frances,

Thank you for your letter. You are right. I am sad and maybe a little depressed being alone so much. My brother and his wife are gone away again on one of their bus trips.

Barb always checks on me before they leave and again when they get home. I depend on them too much. I know I do. I went from being alone most of the time to doing almost everything with Barb.

Some days my daughter, Anita, calls me four or five times saying she’s alone and has nothing to do. But if I am answering the phone, I am by myself, too! (DUH!) Enough complaining from me.

On the other hand, as you also said, I am closer to God when I am alone. I pray more. I also found a TV channel that has church services, Bible studies and gospel music from 10:00 to 1:00.

Watching and listening helps me a lot.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Mar. ‘17) says, “I am pretty well off. I have what I need and more. I’ve just had a couple of down days. We all have those.”

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