around the frame jun 2017 – our experiences

In cheer block, seniors sat in front. (Singing school song. (Me: front, far right.)

Hi Frances,

I enjoyed reading about the basketball games in the April ’17 Ninepatch.

Your description brought back an atmosphere that I remember from my years of attending basketball games. I also recall fondly the many games I attended when in high school and college.

In high school, I was a cheerleader. I attended both in town and out of town games. Instead of your “cheering section,” I was the one leading the cheers.

We didn’t have a fancy cheering section like your high school did. I loved the images of the your group cheering.

At Michigan State University, my husband and I attended all the home games

the year we were married and in college. That’s one of the fond things I remember about my husband.



Palma (Feb. ’17) adds, “I want also to thank Georgene for the wonderful little vignettes she often sticks on my paper newsletter.”


The “Florida dog”


Your “Farfel” story in Apr. ‘17’s Mid-month reflection is a riot! It made me chuckle.

In the early 80’s and 90’s, I had a boyfriend.  He was a sweetheart and he loved that Nestle’s commercial so much, thought it such a hoot, he named the Bassett hound we found on the road Farfel.

He even had “Farfel” inscribed on his lighter –what a nut!

The catch is, he named EVERY dog “Farfel” until I demanded that our other dogs be named differently.  So we had at one time, Boo, Farfel and Beau.


L. to R.: (large to small) Beau, Farfel and Boo.

L. to R.: (large to small) Beau, Farfel and Boo.


Pam S. (Mar. 16) adds, “The dogs didn’t seem to notice their names were not particularly dignified.” 


Unfinished house 2016


I know we’ve lost touch over the years.

I just wanted to simply say that I’ve continued to enjoy your reflections online. For some reason, your May ’17 narrative on this “Unfinished House” really touched me.

Thank you.


CaT (Nov. ’13) adds, “I too am in the process of rebuilding my life and perhaps that is what struck a cord.”

Finished house 2017


Hi Frances,

The finished beach building looks like a 4-plex – multiple dwellings… expanding the joy to more families who will take advantage of the view!

Reminds me of when I was a residential construction lender. I saw many a blueprint and worked it out in my mind to imagine the finished project. I used to find great joy in visiting the projects for onsite inspections during construction, checking to see how accurate my mind’s eye was to the real thing.

Of course, the best was seeing the project finished. Though I did little but to pro-mote lending the money I still felt I had a hand in turning an idea into a home.



Hi Frances,

I love the idea of seasons of the soul.

Your thoughtful piece struck my funny bone, however. If the exterior of my self-house is any indication, well, extensive remodeling is necessary, or… it’s ready for tearing down and starting over from the ground up!

I’ve been going through old photos during the past week, admiring the looks of my former self, ? but also appreciating the wonderful hiking life I enjoyed during my Arizona era.

It has been such a good life and I can definitely see that everything is in Divine Order.  I am feeling blessed to enjoy the peaceful pleasures of the most beautiful springtime that I can remember.

So, this season of the soul is one of feeling satisfied, knowing I’m learning so much about myself with my husband.

No accidents, no coincidences!!!

Thanks for your thoughtful sharing.


Gail (See her book comment this issue.) adds, “I fell in love with Arizona’s Sedona area in 1985 and lived there off and on until 1994.”


Dear Frances,

Thank you for the note and Ninepatch.

Two years ago, I retired from my job. Today I have been looking through cards and letters I received then. I found a retirement card from you. When you were in town, you took me out for breakfast. Remember?

My daughter and her husband are taking me out to dinner tonight to celebrate my retirement. (I don’t see them very often.)

Happy memories, happy day!

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (May’17) adds, “I had physical therapy for a month and now do exercises at home, twice a day. They help a lot.”


Hi Fritzie,

My grandson, Bryce went back to Florida. He was on Disney’s re-hire list so he decided to go back. He really liked living there but could not afford the rent. (He was only working part time and he didn’t make enough money.) Now he was hired full time. He is one of the workers opening a new “land.”

When he left, I was blessed with his cat, Tara. She is absolutely the prettiest cat. She is a tortoise-tiger. (Not completely tortoise because she has a white chest and the “M” on her forehead. Do you know what the “M” is?)

She has the greenest eyes. Tara was kind of a sad fur baby. As a kitten, Bryce’s roommate got her from a friend. She was his companion. She was with the guy all the time. Then, the roommate moved back to Texas The little cat looked for him and waited for a long time.

Bryce wanted to take her with him to Florida but was flying and afraid she might get hurt. I told him I would take her.

Tara is about five years old and has been here since the middle of March. She follows me around and even sleeps with me. Her temperament is a lot

like my deceased cat, Maggie.

My husband and I really like her a lot. Our other cat, Mr. Gray, gets along with her, too. She is not aggressive. She just sits and stares at him.

Talk to you later,


Patricia (Apr. ‘17) adds, “The new cat is settling in pretty well and seems a little happier.”


Dear Frances,

Last week I attended a singles get together in a very nice subdivision.  (In fact, it was the same subdivision where I rented a room years ago.)

They had about 5 areas of different games including bean toss & Pictionary.  Everyone drew a card to indicate which area he/she would start at. 4 people were in each area.

I’d play the game for about 20 minutes and then switch to another area with new people.  The purpose was to meet each other.  (Great idea.)

The hosts provided snack food and we had a short meeting. The organizers asked for new ideas for future get-togethers.

It was the first singles group I felt was worth joining.


Dottie (Mar. ‘17) adds, “I knew three girls when I arrived at the party, but met lots of others.”


Dear St. Frances,

I am still thinking about forgiveness. Part of it is changing my mind’s channel and not allowing my thoughts to drift back into the situation that caused my hurt and need to forgive. Distracting my mind with activities that make me happy is a great start.

Having a hobby comes in handy. And, I also aim to spend time with happy people.

Of course, not everyone is good being around a lot of people in the first place. I’m that way sometimes. That’s when I read. Needing solitude also led me to the hobby of raising chickens. I even started growing plants in a small greenhouse!

Some ideas for more social or occasionally-social folks are: grooming pets, jogging or getting with a cooking class.

Volunteering at Friends of the Library or helping children in need or senior citizens is good, too. Maybe there’s even a sewing or hobby/craft group you might join.

Whatever group you join, make sure that the people are good for you and with you. My experience was a trial and error.

I joined an interesting group –for a short while. (Very, very short while.)  At the end of the meetings, I discovered I was shaking and upset. I couldn’t say what was going on, so I decided the energy in the room was draining me.  I quit attending.

Eventually I joined a different group that was all smiles and relaxation. I look forward to going each week and consider this group of sewing women my weekly therapy!

We either bring our work or all stitch on one. We finish a lot of quilting projects.


Malaina (May ‘17) adds, “Forgiveness is not a one-time event. I have to work at it.”


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