The feast of the Lord is never ending,

His mercies abound all around.

How can one see the smiles of a child

And question the love He’s sending?

My eyes hear giggles in

the midst of a storm,

My ears see songs of praise.

In the cold of winter

my soul glows warm.

His miracles always amaze.

DAPepple (May ‘17) adds, “Gratitude was written with a couple memories in mind. It was so easy for me to take things for granted and miss many of the beautiful high-lites in life due to busyness, preoccupation, and/or situational demands. During a pivotal time on my spiritual journey, I suddenly became aware of serotonin rushing to my well-being compartments as a several month old baby reached for my face and smiled at me. After that, I somehow was tapped into a gratitude ‘app’ finding joy, beauty, meaning, calmness in some of the strangest situation. For the most part, I live as a grateful camper in Garden Earth now.”

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