Do you have to make a river?”

These were the words Cynthia

said at every restaurant

that we went to,

at least three times,

once when we went

into the restaurant,

twice during the meal, and

once again,


I always

Insisted that I did not have to

make a river

but I did have a habit of wetting my

pants, up until the

third grade, and after that

I held myself walking home

from school.

I never understood why.

I think I was

trying to see how far I could go and

how long I could wait.

When I got older Cynthia would still

ask me whether I had to

make a river” …

only in different words.

Bluebird (May ‘17) adds, “Putting pressure on a child regarding his/her toilet habits may have an opposite affect as it did for me.  To this day I still have a habit of waiting until the last minute.

I think my attitude of not wanting to listen to authority came from over-authority from a well-meaning grandmother on this and other issues.  (Wonder if anyone else can relate to this.)  Writing memories help us to understand ourselves.”

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