Time spent with 

A purring cat 

Is life at 

Its best,


The adoring

Licks of a puppy.

Sleeping L to R: Buddy and Purkinje

Sleeping L to R: Buddy and Purkinje

Simon Stargazer III (May ‘17) adds, “Our dog Buddy, a 10- year-old Corgi/Jack Russell Terrier spends much of his time during the day on our bed, and during the evening before going to bed in his ‘home space kennel’ for the night. He is basically my wife Pat’s dog. If we are apart in the house and she speaks my name, he barks for me till I come, or until he comes to find me. (It’s quite handy when I don’t hear her call.) Of course, he also announces guests who come to the door, and ‘howls at the moon’ until we answer the telephone. 

Our cat, Purkinje, is definitely ‘my’ cat. He behaves a lot like a dog, following me around the house. He sits behind me on my chair when I am at the computer and at meals. At bedtime, he always sleeps with me, either snuggled up against my chest, between my calves, or as he quite often prefers, under the covers. He knows when bedtime is, and if I’m late because of being at the computer, or another project, he talks to me loudly until I go to bed, so he can join me. (If you’ve ever had a Siamese, you know they can be quite loud and demanding –much like a crying baby.) His best characteristics are cuddling and a quick-to-start loud purr that is so satisfying.”

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