I am thinking over the questions posed in May 2017. I like the one about naming a yacht.

If I were to name a yacht, I would call it “Three Sisters.” I like the sound of that name and my sisters are special.

Chantal (Apr. ‘17) adds, “I just finished reading the May Ninepatch and, as usual, enjoyed the sharing your readers do.

Even though I know little about them, I still get a ‘feel’ for people from reading their stories, poems or articles.”


If I owned a yacht I would name it, “Who Knew?” as in, “Who knew I would ever own a yacht?”

I’ve never thought seriously of owning any kind boat, let alone a yacht, but I suppose that if I had enough money to own and maintain a yacht I would enjoy it.

Of course, I want to also employ a captain, cook, maid, deck hand …

Georgene (May ‘17) adds, “Wow, this is becoming quite a
dream! I may have to splurge on a new swim suit!”

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