The social side of me probably comes from growing up in an isolated family. My parents had no social life together.

Dad might work on a project with a cousin or work friend in the garage but it never lasted long.

My mom visited only her family and when we went to see them, the kids were sent out to play. (“The kids” were the same ones I played with all the time –my brothers.)

My first husband was very social. I felt like a fish out of water but I enjoyed riding his coat tails as he made our friends. I enjoy his family, half of which was large, Irish and friendly.

Unfortunately, we moved to another state the day we were married and our poor financial condition meant we didn’t see them much.

Remarried, I still expend a ton of energy when I am in a social environment, and I practice by thinking of topic questions for days before any party.

I do best with couples and not big groups.

I love being home but after all those growing up years of being isolated, I am willing to stretch myself socially.

Most times, I’m not sorry that I did.

Georgene (June ‘17) adds, “Most times, I’m not sorry that I made the effort to be social.

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