Editor’s Note: Following the recent passing of her husband, Amy Karen began making and coloring “Zen scribbles” while she watched Hallmark movies during evenings she now spent alone.

In her notebook, I saw an emerging pattern: waves of painful grief and more peaceful resolution.

Following her non-verbal “story,” this month she’ll comment on the three successive images.

zen scribbles

Amy Karen (Apr. ‘17) comments, “At night, a time of overwhelming sadness, I doodle.  The tangling of line relaxes me.  I used to quilt in a very non- standard way, using free-form images. This, too, is what comes out on the paper: lots of lines and marks consolidating feelings. They’re just too difficult. They tangle together in a way I can see and somehow understand them.

In the last image, the yellow and blue acknowledge my tears.” 

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