Giver and taker both –

impossible to be

Like saying you’re a he,

but really a she.

Sweet and salt water can’t flow

from the same well.

Like saying you’re asleep

while ringing a bell,

Taking and receiving are

two different things,

Receiving’s acknowledging

what another one brings.

Taking is claiming

what really ain’t yours,

Like taking credit for growing

veggies and flowers.

Receiving with grace

is giving in return.

Taking’s not believing

what you have learned:

God has promised

our daily bread”

Taking’s not honoring

what the Gift-giver said.

So gather around children

and you shall see:

It’s better to give, and, receive

both with exuberant glee.

DAPepple (June ‘17) Says, “My heartmind felt something was missing with: ‘It’s better to give than to receive.’ It started with my understanding of God and His gifts of life, grace, love and the ability to embrace the fruits of the senses –music , colors, art, giggles, hugs, comfort foods and barefoot water skiing. Being able to receive these gifts with gratitude was profoundly reciprocal.”

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