Editor’s note: I neglected to include either old or new Monthly Question in the June issue. My apologies.

For July our question is: My first paying job was…”

My aunt and uncle gave me money when I occasionally babysat for my younger cousins. However that’s not the “spirit” of the question. My first ‘paying’ job was working in the women’s department of a local retail and sporting goods store.

I didn’t apply for the job. A neighbor -couple owned Harter’s. The summer after I was a high school Freshman, Mrs. Harter asked me to pose for some cheer clothes photos.

Me? I said, “I’ll have to ask my parents.”

Maybe she chose me because I was a high school Freshman cheerleader.

My folks discussed the idea and gave their approval.

Frances posing school days

Not long after, she asked if I would like to work in the Women’s Department of their store after school and Saturdays.

As with the photo session, I replied, “I’ll have to ask my parents.”

As usual, my folks discussed the idea privately then said, “As long as you keep your grades up, we think it would be a good experience. Tell Mrs. Harter you’ll accept.”

I began working at her store the fall I was a sophomore in high school. I was just sixteen when I learned that straightening clothes on racks and cleaning glass showcases wasn’t for me!


The “first paying job” question will hold over for August. A new question joins it, “One thing I have always secretly wanted to do is….”

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