Our Self-Discovery Game, is called “The Greatest Mystery.” Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito, authors of Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery, posed a scenario where one is asked to imagine one’s soul after death.

Choices were ‘1) …same size and shape as in life, 2)… retains human form but expands 3)…tiny and human-shaped, like a fairy and 4) …a ball of flame or a cloud without definite form.”

To this exercise and choices, Georgene (See her article in FABRICS) says, “I have to answer, ‘None, of the above.’

I view the soul as being recognizable to those who know the person yet in a perfect form –for a soul. None of the (authors’) answers make sense to me.

Number One would be closest, but I don’t believe the ‘same size and shape’ applies. Size means nothing to my idea of soul. And, being without definite form doesn’t resonate with me either.

The form of the soul is still a great mystery to me.

Thanks for the brain exercise!”

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