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1950s A &W Stand in Goshen, Indiana

Hi Frances,

 I enjoyed your nostalgic piece “Heat Wave” in the July ‘17 Ninepatch. It featured a summer night on the street where you lived.  It was total Americana, Norman Rockwell-ish, and soothing to read.  It’s good to have those positive memories; they derail the negative intrusions.

When Bill and I were bopping around Savannah, Georgia, last winter, I found out that Johnny Mercer wrote the song, “Accentuate the Positive.” It’s a wonderful song that I love to remember when I’m feeling blue.  It’s beautiful!  

A good summer evening experience does that for you, I think.

Sunny days and high corn to you,


Linda Rosenthal (July ‘17) adds, “It’s the usual busy season and a very good year for us. Next week, we leave for Washington D.C. a reunion for my father-in-law’s Naval group.  It’s been 50 years since the aircraft carrier that he was stationed on during the Vietnam War caught fire at sea.  (U.S.S. Forrestal)  There’ll be a week for him of visiting with old shipmates and friends, as well as some special ceremonies.”



Hi Frances…

And not only the layers of time and reality you mentioned, in your Mid-month June ‘17 Reflection, but there are also layers of our personal relationships and society. I think of family, close friends, (Next.)

acquaintances. I want to also add people we interact with occasionally and randomly… from dense and highly inter-active to quite sparse and often hardly interactive.



Simon Stargazer (July ‘17) adds, “I enjoyed the tale of trees.”


Dear Frances,

  I just read your June ’17 Mid-month Reflection. I found it thought- provoking.

Layers are found in so many areas of our lives. For example, dreams take us back into other realities. We have layers in our learning and seeking too.

It’s good to ponder and evaluate these experiences.

  Bless’d be,


June Poucher (July ‘17) adds, “I sometimes find new understanding of old experiences.”



So glad I’m not “nuts” when I “hear” something the trees are trying to tell me! They can give warnings, especially when they are about to be cleared.

That used to happen to me all the time down home in Alabama. One year, I got physiccally sick to my stomach when passing a small wood. Within weeks, the trees were clear cut!

I could have done nothing to save that wood. But, I’m not

guiltless when it comes to cutting trees. I have cut down trees or had them cut.

Last November, a maple on the south side of this house had to go. Over half of her trunk was rotted. I asked a neighbor about taking it down. He brought over his grandson who is a professional lumberjack. (What else to call tree-cutters?) The maple was down in a matter of an hour.

However, about a month before “she” was cut, I walked by her and told her that she had to go. I apologized for what was to be.

This past spring, a little tree started growing out of the rotted part. A few “limbs” have sprouted out of two pieces of the trunk.


Malaina (See her story in FABRICS) adds, “I have got to find a place for these pieces to be moved to so these ‘babies’ may be saved. I can only hope that is ‘her’ way of forgiving me.”


Hi Frances,

Your reflection on trees and “layers” this month piqued my interest –especially since our book club is reading The Secret Life of Trees.  (Fascinating stuff.)

I’ll probably never look at trees again without thinking about the many lessons they have for us.

The “layers” you mention remind me of information I’ve learned about life lived in a hologram. When that happens, we experience different lives at the same time.  (Well, something like that.) Since there is only “now” that we experience, the idea would seem to bear that idea out.  

And then, there’s the belief that we are simply reviewing our lives as we roll back our illusionary life experience. This is based on the idea we never left God.

Did anyone read Richard Bach’s book One? In it, he delves into traveling “out there.”  His story illustrates there’s no limit to what our minds can achieve. 

Einstein is said to come up with his “E=MC squared” theory of relativity through meditation. His inspiration came from that space.

Just my two cents!

God bless,


Gail (July ‘17) adds, “I do like the idea that our life in Spirit, or our parallel life might be why we want to strive for a more conscious contact through meditation.


People wait in tellers’ lines.


I enjoyed your June ‘17 story, “My Saturday Roost.” So fun to read and picture your day at the bank.

I loved June Poucher’s story of her weekend at the pool with her son and family. How funny!

I’m glad she has those great memories with her sister, Virginia, who I know she loved so much.


Dottie (June ‘17) adds, “I play pickleball and think it is good not only physically but mentally, connecting people with similar interests, laughing together (so healing), and making plans to get together outside of the sport. 

We are having another tournament in which I play with another girl and also a mixed doubles (with a guy).  We are also having a pot luck in the park where we play so will combine eating with pickleball.”


Dear Frances,

You are right. We never know what God has in store. Mom always said, “Everything happens for a reason.” Well, Dad’s problems did bring the family together!

When we did meet to decide on Dad’s care, my brothers said, “We are doing this for Mom.” (They are still angry with Dad for all his years of drinking.)

I met a woman who also goes walking every day and we started going together. She told me about a new church that meets in an office building near me. She took me there the last two Sundays. It was different than what I have been used to, but OK.

My new friend has lots of ideas to keep me busy.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (July ‘17) adds, “I was not used to a church with a woman pastor, drums and a keyboard.”


Hi Fritizie,

In September, during a three-week trip to Europe, my husband and I will visit Prague. Years ago, we lived there when I was in my twenties. I enjoy reading yours and others’ reflections in Ninepatch.

I also appreciate your curiosity about “ordinary” life. (Is there such a thing?)

July is good for us here. However, elsewhere in British Columbia, there is a state of emergency, with 160 forest fires burning in many places due to heat and lack of rain.

Some of my usual activities are on a summer break. I’m preparing for several friends and relatives overnight visits.

Happy summer; I hope you are well and enjoying Goshen!



Alice (May ‘17) adds, “The prison book club still meets in the summer and I’m continuing to enjoy it.”


Dear Francesca –

I’m still in bed today. Usually I’m up hiking or working by this time. I was just in the mood to lollygag a bit. I’m sitting in bed drinking coffee and reading with my cats on top of me.

I’ve got to finish my dregs of coffee and get up. Now that I’m on summer vacation, I have many things to do in preparation for departure to Peru in a week. My younger son and I are traveling there to explore Machu Picchu ruins, among other things.


<3 Liz

Liz/Moascar (July ‘17) adds, “In California at this time of year, we have a heavy marine layer of clouds. It’s kind of grey and cool outside and very difficult for this once-Florida girl to wrap her mind around.”

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