Satan employs monsters

And blasphemes every

rule in the game,

Striving to maim brothers and sisters

Is his lame-duck claim to fame.

Vessels of bitterness, greed and glory

Are opened by alcohol and drugs.

Attempting to embellish

God’s Great Story

By smearing toxic sludge.

Only by prayer and His Spirit within

Can one survive in battle.

Left alone, we’re prone to sin

Being led like a herd of cattle.

But cows, by nature,

are a contented bunch,

Just mooing and chewing their cud.

Not plotting at all,

just enjoying their lunch,

While lowing in God’s clean mud.

DAPepple (July ‘17) expands on his lines, “Humans have a difficult time embracing the here and now. The brain works overtime with past, plans, future, questions, and dealing with all forms of thought invaders. Methinks it might be a good idea to be like a Holy Cow in a state of Wow, living in the here and now, while tending garden earth.”

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